Stop brutal Israeli air strikes against Palestinians in Gaza

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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the Palestinian people and people around the world in condemning in the strongest terms the Israeli government for the indiscriminate and despicable aerial bombing against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

We support the demand of peace-loving peoples around the world for Israel to put an immediate stop to its bombing campaign against the Palestinian people in Gaza City.

Israel has fired at least 160 rockets attacks since Friday, killing 24 Palestinians, including six children, and causing injuries to more than 200 people. About 650 housing units have been damaged, 29 of which are uninhabitable and 11 totally destroyed.

The CPP denounces the Israeli forces for the series of arrest, raids and assassinations during the past few weeks targeting Palestinians throughout Gaza, as well as for imposing a fuel blockade which has crippled the territory’s lone power plant and reducing electricity to a few hours per day.

The Party extends its solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle to end Israel’s occupation and genocidal war. We hold the US imperialists equally responsible for these crimes against humanity as they continue to support and supply arms to Israel.

The Filipino people must stand firmly with the Palestinian people and take action to defend Palestine, and support their resistance against the Zionist onslaught.

Stop brutal Israeli air strikes against Palestinians in Gaza