Stop the attacks against environmental defenders! Fight Duterte’s Executive Order 70!

Ever since the fascist Duterte regime implemented Executive Order 70 in its desperation to crush the revolutionary movement, environmental activists and defenders from legal and progressive organizations have been the subject of red-tagging, harassment, political imprisonment, and state- perpetrated violence. State forces such as the AFP-PNP upfrontly tags environmental activism as a “form of terrorism,” and therefore can be a legitimate target of the state’s violent counterinsurgency campaign.

In Mountain Province, AFP-PNP has been desperately active in spreading false information and fear among the people to repress all forms of opposition to development aggression projects in the area such as the proposed Dutch-owned 14-megawatt hyrdropower plant in the municipality of Besao, the ongoing Chico River Irrigation Pump Project, and the continuing operations of the Dutch-owned 14- megawatt hydropwer plantin the municipality of Sabangan. AFP-PNP has long been serving as security forces for these environmentally destructive projects.

The revolutionary movement in Mountain Province, the CPP-NPA, has ever since been advancing its program of protecting and defending the environment for the future generations. It is one with the people in activly defending our ancestral lands against the multi-national and trans-national corporations. On the other hand, the Duterte regime has no care for the environment at all, rather, sells our natural resources to these greedy corporations.

The people of Mountain Province is not afraid and gullible to be swayed by the misinformation and fear-mongering of the AFP-PNP. We call on all environmental-loving people of Mountain Province to stand up, and fight for a pro-people, sustainable and non-profit program for the environment and natural resources. We must unite, and conduct all forms of resistance against the anti-environment and fascist Duterte regime!


Stop the attacks against environmental defenders! Fight Duterte's Executive Order 70!