Strongly Condemn Duterte for the Absolute Pardon of Pemberton and his Rabid Puppetry to US Imperialist!

The revolutionary youths of Kabataan Makabayan – Southeast Negros are one with the Filipino people in condemning Duterte’s latest traitorous act – his absolute pardoning of US soldier and convicted murderer Joseph Scott Pemberton.

Deplorable is the fact that thousands of poor Filipinos, who face lighter and fewer charges than Pemberton, continue to languish in prison, anxiously waiting, enduring the frustratingly slow justice system and trialing processes of the GRP courts.

More than 700 political prisoners are among them, many of whom are old and sickly, but nonetheless remain in detention due to arrays of fabricated charges.

Their sole crime is that they stand and struggle against the prevailing semi-colonial rule of US Imperialist over our country, feudal exploitation, and the fascist puppet state.

Duterte is a die-hard US-puppet. His fascist regime enforces imperialist neoliberal schemes and policies that aggravate the backward, agrarian, and pre-industrial economy of the Philippines.

In conjunction with his slaughtering of the economy, he subdues the people with his civil-military junta’s open terrorist dictatorship, thru his bloodthirsty machinery of mass murder and violating human rights that is NTF-ELCAC.

Pemberton’s pardon is just one of the latest in a long list of acts of betrayal against the Filipino nation. His terrorist regime must immediately be ousted from power. To achieve this, deep, solid, and extensive unity of the people and all patriotic and democratic forces to wage militant mass struggle that will accelerate, and thereby eventuate the massive wave of mass uprising that will drown and ultimately put to end his rule.

KM-Southeast Negros vows to ardently strive in directly participating and contributing to this goal by painstakingly and unrelentingly arousing, organizing, and mobilizing the youth and broad masses of the people, especially the downtrodden workers and masses, with the overall objective being not only to overthrow the terrorist US-Duterte regime, but primarily for the advancement of the armed struggle, in launching campaigns among the revolutionary youth, for them to commit to the revolutionary task of waging armed struggle and joining the ranks of the NPA. ###

Strongly Condemn Duterte for the Absolute Pardon of Pemberton and his Rabid Puppetry to US Imperialist!