Elections can only offer the shallowest of changes Struggle for determination now strongest due to armed struggle

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What better way to reaffirm the relevance of the New People’s Army (NPA) and the people’s democratic revolution than through another frustrating cycle of electoral contest with iterations of the same rotten practices? Traditional politicians suddenly feigning concern for farmers and other marginalized sectors; candidates making vague and broad promises to change long existing social ills; nominees switching parties and parties supporting nominees based on mutual interests; and progressive candidates and party lists fighting tooth and nail to gain a platform. To cite, numerous issues are already plaguing the national minorities: railroading of nine hydropower dams in Apayao-Abulug River, worsening vegetable smuggling, violence and militarization among civilian communities and criminal government neglect especially during the pandemic, among others. It is but right to ask, Which traditional politician has marched alongside the minorities to assert their rights?

Voting is indeed an exercise of one’s democratic rights. Similarly, taking up arms against a state that chains its people to endless oppression and exploitation is just as much a right as it is a responsibility. All over the world, people choose revolutionary violence whenever and wherever they face tyrants. Governments, with all its state machineries, draw first blood with their agents perpetuating fascism in the name of defending the existing system of capitalism against the people’s assertion of their rights. To counter this simply with parliamentary struggle, though it has its own advantages and triumphs, would be ineffective.

The AFP and the increasingly militaristic PNP would most certainly commit even more crimes against a population if it is incapable of defending itself. Both in urban centers and especially in the countryside, militarization and state-perpetrated violence would go on unhindered if not for people’s and liberation armies like the NPA. And if not for the Soldados ti Umili, the most underdeveloped parts of the countryside would not become bastions of revolutionary power able to govern themselves instead of relying on reformist changes like those made through elections.

As March ends, the Cordillera People’s Democratic Front congratulates the brave and noble Red fighters of the NPA celebrating the 53rd anniversary of its foundation. Since it allowed the first Red fighters into their territory and embraced it as their own army, the people of Cordillera has shown unprecedented courage in defending their own ancestral lands, livelihood and culture. Despite the ongoing farcical electoral season, the Cordillera people’s righteous struggle to achieve self-determination is even more steadfast because of the NPA and the people’s democratic revolution. Truly, a system where clowns repetitively pledge to enact mere reforms has no chance of defeating a people’s army that has the utmost love and support of the masses to further validate its heroic existence. ###

Agbiag ti Baro a Soldados ti Umili! Celebrate the victories of the New People’s Army!

Advance the national democratic revolution!

Kaigorotan, kumameng iti Red army!

Struggle for determination now strongest due to armed struggle