Support our Health Workers! –CPDF-Mt. Province

We are in unity with the urgent call of the nation’s health workers for the government to raise their working benefits, ensure their occupational safety, and protect their welfare. Our beloved frontliners are already suffering too much in waging the right against the Covid crisis, yet the government did not show any care for them. Since the early days of the Covid crisis last March, the government have yet to implement its promise of giving additional benefits and compensation for our health workers. They are suffering from being underpaid, overworked, and being at risk of being exposed to the virus. Some of them have already died, without even receiving any compensation. No wonder only 25 nurses out of the 10,000 target of the government to employ have applied in their emergency hiring program for the Covid crisis. For the longest time, the government is deaf and blind to the plight of our health workers. Duterte prioritized giving high value of compensation as part of his plan to establish a fascist dictatorship. There are little or no funds at all to improve our healthcare system and other basic social services. Duterte even red-tagged the protesting health workers.

We call for our health workers to be steadfast in fighting this epidemic while asserting their welfare and democratic interests. We also call for the umili to support our health workers, and fight for the improvement of healthcare services in their respective communities. Lastly, we enjoin our health workers to join Makabayang Samahang Pangkalusugan, the revolutionary organization of health workers in the country, and advance the national democratic revolution that will ensure the full implementation of a nationalist, comprehensive, progressive, and mass-oriented healthcare system.

Together, we can overcome the Covid crisis. Together, we can overthrow the fascist regime of Duterte.

Support our Health Workers! --CPDF-Mt. Province