Support the American people’s demand: Justice for George Floyd!


The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) supports the demand of the American people for justice for George Floyd, a 46-year old resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, who was killed last May 25 by four police officers after he was taken into custody.

The killing of Floyd was caught on video with a policeman kneeling on his neck for nine minutes while pressed down on the ground and handcuffed. Floyd last words, “I can’t breath,” has reverberated across the United States, capturing the black community’s disgust and frustrations over the problem of racism in the country. His killing has again set ablaze widespread mass protests and riots which has spread around 30 cities across the US.

Protest actions were mounted in Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Oklahoma, Seattle and Washington. Protesters also gathered in front of the White House where they were violently put down by Secret Service agents.

The widespread mass protests and riots reflects widespread indignation over fascism, rascism, misogyny and anti-immigrant policies of the Trump government. These protests also reflect the growing restlnessness of the American working class over the acute problem of unemployment and deepening socio-economic crisis resulting from capitalist economic recession.

The Party denounces US President Trump for fomenting fascist violence against the people when he declared “When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” virtually giving the police and military forces the go signal to fire at demonstrators.

Support the American people's demand: Justice for George Floyd!