Supreme Court is once again legitimizing Duterte’s fascist reign

In upholding the so-called constitutionality of Duterte’s third one-year extension of martial law in Mindanao, the Supreme Court is again legitimizing and providing legal cover for the Duterte regime’s fascist and lawless reign in Mindanao and elsewhere in the country.

The Supreme Court refused to acknowledge the widespread gross violations of human rights that are being committed by abusive AFP and PNP personnel under martial law and failed to heed the people’s widespread clamor for justice.

By upholding the third extension of martial law, the Supreme Court has further emboldened the military and police personnel who are daily committing abuses of power. In recent days, there has been a spate of warrantless arrests in Northern Mindanao against civilians, including young children.

With this decision, the Supreme Court has once again demonstrated its servility to the tyrannical Duterte regime. By rubberstamping Duterte’s fascist policies, the Supreme Court is actually proving that there indeed exists de facto martial law and authoritarian rule in the Philippines.

Supreme Court is once again legitimizing Duterte's fascist reign