“Surrender hypes”, a modus operandi of the mercenary AFP

The revolutionary movement under Mt. Cansermon Command (MCC), Central Negros Guerilla Front 2, strongly condemns the treachery, deception and threaths by the 62nd IB Phil. Army, as they once again forced the peasant masses of Brgy. Santol, Binalbagan to surrender, when they are just supposed to attend the meeting called by the Army to discuss a land problem formerly owned by the Fuentespina family, last September 21, 2018. Upon arriving at the Brgy. Hall, the invited peasants were forced to read the paper condemning and rejecting the revolutionary movement and they were made to take an oath before the Army officials never to join any organization tagged as legal fronts of the revolutionary movement. This frightened and angered the people at the same time.

This is the second time, following the forced surrender of the peasants of Brgy. Carabalan, Himamaylan City last July 8, 2018. These people were also invited to attend a meeting at the Brgy. Hall. There, they were forced to sign a blank attendance sheet and right after, they were commanded to burn the flag of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), and they were made to take an oath rejecting and condemning the NPA, CPP and the NDFP. People were shocked and angry.

Forcing innocent people to surrender is a modus operandi of the AFP, where their officials drivel over the money they can siphon from the country’s treasury. For according to their propaganda, surrenderees can avail thousands of pesos and material things as rewards for their surrender.

But according to some who were forced to surrender, not even a 30% of the supposed reward or “surrender money”goes to the surrenderees, because officials of the AFP are getting hold of the larger part of the supposed reward. Some are given on an installment basis. And upon receiving such money, here comes the shameless Army personnels who would borrow the surrenderees’ money to spend on gambling (tong-its), womanizing and drinking. Worse, there are those who received nothing but promises.

While the whole country is conditioned for a Martial Law, the mercenary AFP is harboring an endless illusion, particulary the 62nd IB PA, over quashing the New People’s Army this year and in 2019 in what ever means possible – whether it’s a legitimate operation or illigetimate, violating the International Humanitarian Law or the International Laws on War and violates people’s human rights, detrimental to people’s interests.

Under the deceptive Operation Plan Kapayapaan, the fascist US-Duterte regime, further intensifies militarization in the countrysides. Psychological warfare complements the armed attack which aim the civilian populace accused of being sympathizers of the revolutionary movement. “Surrender hypes” has been activated, as in Brgy. Carabalan, Himamaylan City and in Brgy. Santol, Binalbagan, all of Negros Occidental.

Despite the AFP’s expenditures of thousands of pesos, if not millions yet, supported by their air combat support, drone operations and land attack, and the Peace and Development (PDT) operation, the 62nd IB PA failed to initiate an armed confrontation with the NPA. Instead, they were already ambushed by the NPA twice this year in Kabankalan City and Manjuyod.

Thus, the “recycled tactics” of deceptive “surrender hypes”, to save face in their failure of combat and psywar operations. Wreaking confusions and intimidations among leaders and members of legal peasant associations are also among the “recycled tactics”.

Human rights violations by the 62nd IB PA are piling up. Despite people’s clamor, particularly of the people of Binalbagan and Himamaylan, the local government units have done nothing, especially the Mayor of Binalbagan, Emmanuel Aranda, who instead of listening and taking action on people’s complaints over the Army’s staying in people’s houses without the owners permission, threats and intimidation on officers and members of legal association, the Mayor permitted the Army’s encampment among the populace, chapels and barangay halls.

Thus, the people challenge the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), the LGUs and the progressive organizations, to conduct an ample investigation and file cases against the executioners violating human rights, before the reactionary court of the Republic of the Philippines and before the revolutionary people’s court or before the Joint Monitoring Committee of the GRP and the NDFP!

Punish the fascist military!
Resume the peace talks now!
End Oplan Kapayapaan!
Oust the US-Duterte regime!
Celebrate the 50th Year Anniversary of the CPP by intensifying people’s war!

"Surrender hypes", a modus operandi of the mercenary AFP