Tabang banwa against COVID-19! Unite and support fellow masses — NDF-Bicol

The longer the US-Duterte regime’s lockdown gets, the clearer it becomes that instead of resolving the crisis caused by COVID-19, it will only cause hunger and intensify poverty. NDF-Bikol praises the people’s initiatives to overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19. These efforts should be strengthened and supported. Some of these include sewing face masks, cooking food for the doctors and nurses and delivering food or other basic needs to the people who, until now, are waiting in the checkpoints. These prove that the people will never lose the spirit of helping each other.
In the past few days, it has been reported that hundreds have been walking or riding their motorcycles, crossing regions, just to get back to their families. Most of them have nothing to eat or drink and are reliant on donations from those they come across.
NDF-Bikol calls on the people to organize in order to help these workers who have been travelling more than a week and have been stalled at checkpoints. Immediately deliver clothes, food, water and materials for sanitation, as they are now more vulnerable to the spreading pandemic.
Communities may assign drop off points near major highways so that it may be easier for travelers to pick up the donations. Work hand-in-hand with other sectors of society who have relatively greater mobility during the lockdown in order to directly deliver the goods to those who are stranded. Nationalist and progressive organizations should mobilize alliances in order to gather enough donations to be distributed to those in need.
Magtarabangan para sa namamanwaan!
Overthrow the US-Duterte regime!
Tabang banwa against COVID-19! Unite and support fellow masses -- NDF-Bicol