Tactical offensives are the NPA’s answers to the worsening fascism of the Duterte regime

Just two days after the successful tactical offensive of the NPA in Mt. Gunggung-o, Bauko, Mountain Province, the AFP-PNP has launched a full-scale pursuit operation to recoup from their losses and save face. But once again Red fighters of Leonardo Pacsi Command had proven their readiness when they launched a harassment operation against the operating troops in Mt. Makilakilat of the adjascent northern barangays of the municipality of Tadian at 1:30pm this day.

Claims of the AFP/PNP that they launched the operation to simply flush out the NPA in Mountain Province is preposterous. The 54th IB has set up their detachment long ago near the Hedcor Tapping Station at Brgy. Otucan Norte, Bauko to protect the corporate interest of the company. Just recently, the said detachment of the 54th IB was transfered to a nearby hill. It is being fortified indicative that it will be there for good despite opposition of the residents thereat. The detachment definitely serves to augment another army detachment at the vicinity of the hydropower plant of HEDCOR in Sabangan. The Hedcor Company claimed to have acquired propriety rights over the upstream river and the adjoining tributaries thereby depriving the people of Bauko and Sabangan from freely tap water for their domestic and irrigation needs.

In its frantic scramble to claim that they are having the upper hand in their counter-revolutionary campaign, PNP/AFP mouthpieces and spin masters resort to crying in the media and blabbering gibberish in social media to cover up their losses. Worse of all, they falsely accuse innocent farmers in the countryside and victimizing them in its brutal witchhunting. The bloody killing of 14 farmers in Canlaon City, Negros Oriental last March 30 for no justifiable reason are added more in the long list of victims of the worst anti-people fascism being unleashed on the people. Farmers, women and youth who have not taken any part in the armed fighting between the NPA and AFP-PNP are being coerced and threatened to pose as ‘surrenderees,’ to conjure an environment of “peace” conducive for the entry of foreign imperialist projects, and bounty hunting.

The CPDF calls upon once again to the rank and file forces of the AFP-PNP to do an earnest soul searching. While you are thrown into the doom of the battlefield, your superior generals including your commander-in-chief go gallivanting hopping in their mistresses abode and shedding crocodile tears every time a lowly combatant falls in battle. You become cannon fodder while your higher officials are enriching themselves through corruption-laden modernization deals with foreign government. Leave the fascist service that you are in! Join and support instead the ranks of the toiling peoples where you came from.

Join the New People’s Army!

Advance the people’s war!

Tactical offensives are the NPA's answers to the worsening fascism of the Duterte regime