The brutal and merciless killing of Rolando “Tatay Bodoy” Patinio Leyson Sr. is a desperate move of the US-Duterte regime!

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The New People’s Army-Surigao del Sur in Northeastern Mindanao Region (NPA–SDS-NEMR) strongly condemn the brutal and merciless killing of Rolando “Tatay Bodoy” Patinio Leyson Sr., 78 years old. He was killed by state agents in his very home in Km. 20, San Pedro, Sison, Surigao del Norte at around 11:30 in the evening. He was forcibly awakened while sleeping beside his grandson before being shot several times until he was killed.

Tatay Bodoy was known as the father of Ka Edroy, one of the leaders of the NPA in Surigao del Norte. This was the reason why he was killed by the unscrupulous, mercenary and executioners AFP and PNP.

He is but one among many who have been victims of killings under the US-Duterte regime. Many more families have suffered harassments and threats, specially the families whose children and parents are being suspected as members of the NPA. The families are called, texted and pressured by the AFP and PNP to surrender their parents or children. State agents put under surveillance the children and family members of the NPA members as they go to school or at their work places. They are constantly monitored, put under surveillance and tailed by riding in tandem motorcycles.

All these are but desperate moves by the US-Duterte regime to crush the revolutionary movement in NEMR. The defenseless civilians are targeted for the frenzied killings and threats to spread fear, believing that such actions will weaken the revolutionary spirit and resoluteness of NPA members from continuing waging revolution.

Still, in the midst of such terrorist moves of the US-Duterte regime, the revolutionary movement continue to be highly determined, strong and principled. Duterte cannot easily frighten and deceive the revolutionary forces and the masses with his brutality, it will instead intensify their aversion of him. The revolutionary movement strengthened by the people will continue to seek justice for all victims of human rights violations.

Justice for Tatay Bodoy!
Justice for all victims of extra judicial killings!
Make Duterte and his AFP and PNP pay for their crimes against the people!

The brutal and merciless killing of Rolando "Tatay Bodoy" Patinio Leyson Sr. is a desperate move of the US-Duterte regime!