The Duterte War on Drugs is Fake

Duterte rode to power promising to finish off the drug problem in three to six months, despite the fact that as longtime mayor he had used Davao city as a production base and smuggling point for the illegal drug trade.

He used the drug issue to deceive many of those who voted for him in 2016 and to impress the public that he was a strong man and a decisive leader.

Since then, by his own admission, the problem of illegal drugs has grown worse, with drug addicts increasing to 7-8 million under his watch from 1.8 million during the time of Aquino, despite the mass murder of now more than 30,000 poor suspected drug addicts and peddlers.

Since the beginning, the so-called war on drugs launched by Duterte has flagrantly appeared as fake because he has in fact been openly protecting major druglords and smugglers, including his own son Paolo Duterte, Peter Lim, Michael Yang, Allan Lim and others.

The truth is now completely out:

  • The Duterte war on drugs has been carried out to suppress the drug syndicates that rival the Duterte drug syndicate and to realize the monopoly of the Duterte drug syndicate over the illegal drug trade.
  • Duterte has systematically used the mass murder of drug suspects to criminalize and corrupt the PNP and turn it into a private army and criminal accomplice of the Duterte drug syndicate.
  • From time to time, Duterte issues a fake narco-list to deflect attention from the real drug lords and discredit his political opponents.
  • He has maliciously used the mass murder of the poor drug suspects to cause the mass intimidation of the people in a scheme of state terrorism and paying the way for a fascist dictatorship through charter change to a bogus kind of federalism.

There is method in Duterte’s madness of engaging in mass murder of poor suspected drug addicts and peddlers at the street level. Duterte’s evil purpose is to amass wealth from the illegal drug trade and to justify his license to kill and intimidate the people. ###

The Duterte War on Drugs is Fake