The Filipino People’s Call on July 26 closing SONA: Oust Tyrant Duterte! Let him be arrested, tried and punished by the International Criminal Court for his crimes against the Filipino people!

On his July 26 last State of the Nation Address (SONA), satanic and tyrant Duterte and his big dirty mouth with a Devil-like forked tongue will definitely blurt out rants against the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New People’s Army (NPA) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), and repeat his earlier declaration that these are terrorist organizations with his clear objective of camouflaging his ceaseless terrorism against the Filipino people. He will again convey malicious lies to fool and deceive the Filipino masses that his top pro-US imperialist AFP-PNP commanders are “victorious” in the implementation of his National Task Force to End the Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) in order to conceal his crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes which he has committed in the past five years of his tyrannical reign and continues to perpetuate against the Filipino people up to the present day.

Surely, he will address the nation and proclaim himself as the best “Filipino” leader, beside his idol, dictator Marcos, in order to obscure the fact that he is the 12th but, indeed, the nastiest president to head the reactionary and US imperialist puppet regime, which is composed of big landlords, big comprador bourgeoisie and bureaucrat capitalists who are jointly maintaining the Philippines as a semicolonial and semifeudal society under the diktats of their US imperialist masters. He will certainly and falsely project himself as the only forerunner who has the pipedream to end the communist insurgency in order to convince the Filipino people to elect his ambitious daughter or a Marcos-type fascist crony as president and himself as vice president in the 2022 national elections in order to avoid being tried and punished by the International Criminal Court (ICC) of his crimes against the Filipino people. But primarily, Duterte’s ambition to prolong himself in power beyond 2022 is undoubtedly within his framework of continuing his dictatorial regime that has put the whole Philippines under de facto martial law in the past five years. Since 2016, he has declared himself and remains as the Philippine dictator by means of: (1) his fake anti-drug war/oplan tokhang in order to control the drug syndicates with the Chinese imperialist agents and connections; (2) his anti-Moro war that destroyed Marawi City in the guise of ending the Maute group but with clear intent to stop the struggle of the Moro people against the oppressive Philippine government and their fight for genuine autonomy; (3) his fascist acts of suppressing the national minorities’ struggle against national oppression and for their right to national self-determination with the rest of the Filipino people; (4) his Whole of Nation Approach (WNA) through his NTF in the facade and pretense of ending the communist armed conflict but with the impeccably evil motives to red-tag, illegally arrest and detain, and kill activists, human rights defenders, critics and oppositionists; (5) his Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) in the pretext of stopping the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic but actually implementing militarist restrictions that have affected very much the freedom, the economic life as well as the political and cultural development of the masses; and (6) his Anti-Terrorism Law (ATL/ATA) that violates the fundamental human and civil rights of the Filipino people and conceals the state fascism of his terroristic regime. These six (6) contraptions have become and continue up to the present day to be the de facto martial law instruments of totalitarian Duterte and his pro-US imperialist top AFP-PNP fascist commanders and retired generals to kill democracy and continue fullblown terrorism throughout the country. And to maintain state fascism of his terroristic regime, tyrant Duterte has instigated and continues to promote various ways of corruption and increase foreign loans and debts, which already amount to P10.4 trillion as of February 2021, in order to fund with billions of money from the people’s coffers the aforesaid 6 contraptions of his de facto martial law.

The abovementioned six (6) terroristic contraptions of Duterte’s de facto martial law have led to more than 1,447,936 human rights victims (taken from the PRWC lists, June 2016 to June 2021). These are due to the following terroristic acts and human rights violations in the 5 years of Duterte’s de facto martial law: 30,397 massacres, political and extra-judicial killings, including the 30,000 people murdered by tyrant Duterte’s fake anti-drug war/Oplan Tokhang; 13 murders in violation of the rights of hors de combat revolutionary leaders and NDFP consultants; 16 abduction and enforced disappearance; 431 frustrated killings; 91,364 threats, harassments, intimidations and coercions; 369,688 victims of aerial bombing; 853,707 victims of forced evacuation and displacement, including 350,00 displaced Maranaos from 115,000 Maranao families during the bombardment of Marawi City; 42,823 victims of illegal occupation; 11,167 cases of destruction of property, including the 11,000 ruined houses of the 27,000 Maranao families during the bombardment of Marawi City; 133 cases and victims of illegal search and seizure; 155 cases of torture; 46 victims of physical assault and injury; 3,468 victims of demolition; 15,947 cases of food and economic blockade; and 28,581 curfew and Covid-19 militarist restrictions, including the various human rights violations done by Duterte’s fascist army and police during various community panties.

Tyrant Duterte’s crimes have escalated and continue to intensify the miserable conditions of the oppressed and exploited Filipino people, especially the workers, urban poor, peasants, fisherfolks, national minorities, the women, the youth, and other informal sectors, who belong to the majority of the national population and are living in hunger, poverty, malnutrition, landlessness and unemployment. On the other hand, autocrat Duterte’s crimes have encouraged and continue to embolden the Filipino people to join the national democratic revolution through protracted people’s war for national liberation and genuine people’s democracy, and the establishment of socialist structures that would commence upon the attainment of final victory at the national level in the years to come.

Killer Duterte’s acts of oppression and exploitation and the heartbreaking situation of subjugation and enslavement, that daily confront the Filipino people, are beseechingly calling all Christians and their Church leaders, all Muslims and their Moro leaders, all human rights defenders and activists, all patriotic and progressive forces, all victims of the oppression and exploitation by the satanic and tyrannical US-Duterte regime, and all critics and oppositionists of Duterte’s tyranny to unify, develop and consolidate a broad united convergence to oust autocrat Duterte in order to end his treacherous, dictatorial, terroristic, genocidal, pillaging and deceitful regime. One great step for the fast ejection of tyrant Duterte is for the Christian Churches’ institutions and the Filipino people’s organizations here in the country and abroad to seek the help of international agencies to fully support the ICC for the prompt arrest, speedy trial and punishment of murderer Duterte, the killer of the Filipino people and the exterminator of freedom, democracy and human rights in the Philippines.

The ICC prompt arrest, speedy trial and punishment of autocrat Duterte as well as his early ouster is also a great step to prevent the terroristic regime’s manipulation and control of the upcoming 2022 national elections by means of automated massive cheating, violations of election laws and colossal fraud that would subvert the people’s genuine will and participation in clean, free and honest election processes. Thus, ending Duterte’s tyrannical regime would be a significant event for the Filipino people to choose a patriotic president and other servant leaders who would be capable of establishing a patriotic and democratic government that would promote comprehensively the economic, political and cultural development and well-being of the Filipino people, defend and uphold the people’s human, civil, democratic and patriotic rights. And putting to an end Duterte’s terrorism and tyranny would also open up the road for the resumption of the peace negotiations between the GRP and the NDFP in order to address the roots of the armed conflict by drafting, finalizing and approving agreements on basic social, economic and political reforms.###

The Filipino People’s Call on July 26 closing SONA: Oust Tyrant Duterte! Let him be arrested, tried and punished by the International Criminal Court for his crimes against the Filipino people!