The mercenary tradition of the AFP-PNP


More than a month after the death of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) 4th class cadet Darwin Dormitorio last September 18 due to hazing by his upper class men, the reactionary government’s premier military institution continues to be hounded by national indignation stirred by the unfortunate fate of the young plebe. This PMA brouhaha has again brought to limelight its mercenary tradition of molding future officers. The senseless cruelty inflicted upon cadets, this time victimizing a PMA alumnus’ own son, is reflective of the fascist nature of the AFP and PNP.

It is public knowledge that hazing has been a continuing practice in the PMA supposedly kept secret through an omerta-type built-in code of silence exclusive among circles of mistahs. The incidence of deaths or hospitalization of PMA cadet victims of hazing in the past decades is undeniable proof of the military academy’s age-old barbaric practice.
Even with an anti-hazing law supposedly in effect, the practice continues not only in the PMA but also in other fascist institutions such as the PNPA and other military and police training camps. A perverse sense of camaraderie impressed upon young minds is what the AFP-PNP perceive as the finest way to serve the country.

To the PMA and PNPA, this is considered as a necessary measure to ensure that future military and police officers shall carry on with the mercenary tradition of the AFP-PNP, as defenders of the corrupt, exploitative and oppressive system. The very pillars of the state ruled by landlords, bourgeois compradors and their imperialist masters are steeled to be merciless not against foreign aggressors but against the struggling poor and freedom-loving Filipinos.

Senator Bato, the tokhang general responsible for the death of more than thirty thousand victims, declared without qualms that he is in fact how the PMA shaped him. Indeed, his personal public record is an undisputable testimony how mercenaries are trained to be ruthless fascists! Ex-PNP Chief Gen. Albayalde, in the hotspot over the Ninja cops shabu recycling controversy reaffirmed Bato’s admission. Not only are they trained to be merciless, they are also trained to be corrupt!

Now, even senior high school students are obliged to undergo compulsory ROTC training. Like the grieving parents of Darwin Dormitorio, every devoted parent can envision with horror what ordeals these young kids will bear to comply with the curriculum. Quite the reverse, progressive youths and their organizations emulating the nationalist ideals of our great heroes in their youth are demonized. For living up to their role as the hope of the motherland, and in daring to criticize the rottenness of the system and the corrupt Duterte government, these youth leaders and their members are persecuted like criminals. Sadly, these millenials have to contend with a dictatorial regime that regards legitimate dissent as an act of terrorism.

History has shown from as early as the Spanish colonial period the diametric contrast between revolutionaries and mercenaries. Contrary to the revolutionary tradition of our Katipunan heroes who voluntarily enlisted to fight for national freedom and democracy against Spanish colonialism, mercenaries are conscripted to protect and preserve the rotten system lorded over by the ruling oppressors and exploiters. While the revolutionaries serve the people unconditionally, the mercenaries are in the service of the ruling class for position, fame, bounty and patronage. Revolutionaries are motivated by patriotism and genuine service to protect the oppressed and exploited masses. On the other hand, mercenaries are motivated by self-serving interest to protect the landlords, the bourgeois compradors and their imperialist masters that rob our national patrimony, plunder our resources and trample our national sovereignty. To obscure and conceal the reactionary character of the AFP-PNP, it resorts to an all-out and continuing psychological warfare to demonize the CPP-NPA-NDF. But the fact that the NPA has persevered and continues to grow in strength despite an incessant and vicious war launched by the AFP-PNP from one reactionary regime to another, is proof enough that it is cherished and supported by the people.

Like his dictator idol Marcos, the reactionary police and military are treated like tyrant Duterte’s own private army paid for by the Filipino taxpayers’ money. The ruffian commander-in-chief raised their salary, ordered them to “flatten the hills”, bomb the Lumad schools, shoot female NPAs’ private parts, red-tag, arrest and kill extra-judicially anybody suspected as an NPA or a communist, not to mention our brother Muslims tagged as ISIS members or supporters and the tens of thousands of victims of the war on drugs. The more dead bodies, the bigger the bounty. So it is how the killing machine works.

But history has proven that an oppressed and exploited people shall always arise and fight to liberate themselves from oppression & exploitation.

Moreover, the Chadli Molintas Command is aware that there are certain within the AFP and PNP who desire for genuine social change for our country. They are enraged by the treasonous deeds of their commander-in-chief as well as the unspeakable corruption and oppression of their high ranking officers. A spirit of patriotism is burning within them. As always, the Chadli Molintas Command urges them to side with the people.

Fight the mercenaries – the pillars of fascism!

Fight and end the fascist Duterte Regime!

The mercenary tradition of the AFP-PNP