The people’s army will come to settle the score!

Compatriots, the revolutionary organization of overseas Filipinos, stands in solidarity with the toiling Filipino masses sustaining the burden of bailing-out families back home amid rising costs of household needs and the alarming rate of COVID-19 infections. Food, medicines, other basic commodities, and public utilities are at staggering costs. The increasing rate of unemployment and enormous poverty remain back-breaking challenges to overseas Filipino workers, while Filipinos back home continue to hurdle government lockdowns, curfews and Duterte’s televised pep-talks.

Two years of drug-war-deaths plus COVID infections and more deaths, and two years of staggering inflation have put Duterte in the spotlight. Duterte’s war on drugs unmasked the vulnerability of ordinary Filipinos in the absence of adequate public health services. His criminal negligence in mishandling a public health crisis with military solutions has isolated the citizenry from the government bureaucracy.

Loans granted supposedly for vaccines have reportedly run out, but the vaccines dispensed were all donated ones. COVID-19 infections and deaths continue to soar.

But why is the Duterte government at war with the Filipino people? The militarization of civilian law enforcement is backed by USD 6.5 million. With manufactured search warrants from allied court judges, the police and military launch midnight patrols and dawn raids. In the same way the military and police confront street protesters attacking unarmed quarantine violators and include the deployment of snipers atop armored vehicles. The Duterte government capitalizes on the pandemic by sowing terror.

The Drug war has morphed into suppressing legitimate political dissent.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) pegs the drug war fatalities to about 8,000, while the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) reported 5,942 deaths. The Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights estimates 27,000 deaths as of 2019 including 73 children. Murders took place not randomly, such as the 89 cases of extrajudicial killings in Negros since 2017 to 2019. A woman human rights defender Zara Alvarez of Karapatan Negros was gunned down a week after peace negotiator and Anakpawis chair Randal “Randy” Echanis was stabbed 47 times to death. The Tumandok indigenous people asserting their right to ancestral lands were massacred, their witnesses murdered, and their lawyer attacked. The March 7 bloody Sunday massacre of 9 activists blatantly justified by state agents with 67 search warrants in the name of anti-communism. Among the victims were a couple whose eyeballs were removed, the skull of the other broken, while two other victims were riddled with bullets.

These repeated acts of violence and brutality have the intention to sow fear and terror in the minds of the people to distract their minds from dire poverty, the Corona virus, and the terrorism of the Duterte regime.

Today fear reigns all over the country. Civilians have been confined and limited to their houses, feeling helpless. Thus, it is most fitting that the ever-growing fear and paranoia, the feeling of abandonment, chronic stress and constant terror brought on by state forces be fought against. Our reality has been always been confronted by violence and death. Hence, there is nothing more logical to do but to join the fight and defend our rights. Today, more than ever armed resistance rings out loud.

On the occasion of its 52nd anniversary, Compatriots salute the New People’s Army (NPA) in its genuine, steadfast and noble dedication. The NPA has been a formidable force in the national democratic revolution. Over five decades it has been on the side of the poor, deprived and oppressed Filipino people. We laud our Red Fighters for consistently pursuing a protracted people’s war. The tactical offensives they wage constantly diminish the strengthen of the fascist enemy forces. The people’s army sustains and never waivers in their gallant commitment to a just and principled war, to liberate the Filipino people from exploitation and oppression under a semi-feudal and semi-colonial order.

Our dreams as a people are simple. In a socialist victory, one day we will be free from the worries of pursuing money and finding food for the table as there will always be enough. That jobs are secured at home where our families and loved ones are, and we do not have to travel overseas away from our families. That a comprehensive public health system will be in place to ensure care and services for every member of the family. That public housing is provided, with free public education for all.

Oust the US-Duterte criminal regime!
Long Live the New People’s Army!
Long live the Filipino people!
Long live the National Democratic Revolution!
Long Live the Communist Party of the Philippines!

The people’s army will come to settle the score!