The People’s Future rests on the Hands of the Working Class! 

RJPC-NPA salutes the Working Class on the occasion of International Labor Day 
The Roselyn Jean Pelle Command of the New People’s Army (RJPC-NPA) and the revolutionary mass organizations in North Negros salute the working class on the occasion of International Labor Day today.
The class of workers who create all wealth and history in these modern times are most often exposed to hazardous working conditions as they suffer under capitalist greed and exploitation.  The people of the world seethe with rage against imperialism and the moribund capitalist system amid extreme poverty, dire economic crisis, and the utter failure of the capitalist system to protect the people from the Covid-19 pandemic.
Under the semi-colonial and semi-feudal Philippine society, workers from both the public and private sectors have long been forced to endure dirt-poor wages, job insecurity, and meager benefits. The dominance of imperialism over the country’s backward economy has long stunted the development of people’s livelihood. The workers remain shackled to neoliberal policies of imperialism, while the two-faced and deceitful US-Duterte regime can only boast of its cosmetic drive to end contractualization in the country.
With the current state of worsening poverty and hunger and the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 2.3 million Filipino workers have lost their jobs on top of the more than 10 million labor force unemployed in the country.  There are also over 12 million Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs who are also affected by the global crisis.
Meanwhile, the US-Duterte regime continues to incur more debt to feed bureaucratic corruption and mindless spending for militarization and its useless programs for “counter-insurgency” and “local integration” or mass surrenders. Instead of allocating funds for social services, medical and health programs to combat the infectious disease, Duterte prioritizes militarist measures which only exacerbate the country’s economic and political crises. Lapdog regimes and puppet leaders such as Duterte can no longer be saved by their imperialist masters who are now reeling in chaos amid the extremely grave crisis of the world capitalist system.
The people’s future rests in the hands of the working class. The Filipino proletariat must hold on tight to their historic mission to advance the new democratic revolution until victory. The socialist future of the people shall ensure the death of imperialism, the number one scourge plaguing the whole world.
The RJPC-NPA calls on the people to unite in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis affecting the broad masses. Let us unite in launching widespread campaigns for food production to ease hunger. Let us continue to launch medical and health campaigns for sanitation and nutrition to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our communities.
The RJPC-NPA has proven that it is ready to defend the people against fascist attacks which the US-Duterte regime continues to launch in the countryside amid the Covid-19 crisis.  The liars in the AFP and PNP are hiding behind the Covid-19 alibi to cover up their blunders and humiliating combat defeat in their treacherous offensive operations against the revolutionary movement while the NPA observed a unilateral ceasefire which ended today.
Long live the working class!
Cecil Estrella, Spokesperson, RJPC-NPA
The People’s Future rests on the Hands of the Working Class!