The Poster Boy is a Narco Cop

It seems that Duterte’s poster boy on the war on drugs, Police Lieutenant Colonel Jovie Espenido is himself now being dragged or drugged? When Duterte announced last month that he had more than 300 cops listed on his narco list he vehemently swore that he would kill them, “i will kill you” he once again uttered his worn-out curse. What twist of fate that weeks after Duterte’s swear, Espenido’s name would pop out from the narco list. Public reaction ranged from dismay to contempt to apathy, but more on contempt worsened by the state’s conflicting and confusing reactions on the issue.

Duterte’s spokesperson Salvador Panelo would retort that Espenido’s involvement in the illegal drug trade is untrue and is just “black propaganda” against the president’s trusted cop. Panelo’s words would contradict earlier claims of his president that his foot-thick narco list has been validated and revalidated before the names are revealed. PNP chief Lieutenant Gen Archie Gamboa was evasive saying that the list still has to be validated by the PNP’s due process. But DILG chief Gen Eduardo Año would insist that Espenido’s name is on Duterte’s narco cop list.

The uptight poster boy’s reaction was devastating and dramatic. Arrogantly disobeying his superior’s gag order he hastily called for a press conference in Iloilo City.

He poured out his grievances against two generals and politicians whom he alleged were behind the conspiracy to destroy him. He did not name his persecutors though. He ranted about this plot against him and spilled that if ever he would be killed, the executioners would most probably be from the ranks of the police itself, 90% probable he would say. Wittingly or unwittingly,

Espenido has implied that the unidentified, untraceable, seemingly invisible and invincible riding-in-tandem murderers are his kind after all. No wonder that riding-intandem killings become cold cases because the police could not find witnesses or CCTVs or if there were the footage would be blur and the figures unidentifiable. To effect public sympathy Espenido recounted with misty eyes his sob story of how he rose from the ranks to his present position due to merit, hard work, honesty and the will of his god. He deserved his rise because of his own feats and performances and “my god”. He did not mention his meteoric rise from captain to colonel in just three years because of his murder stints in Leyte and Ozamis City for diligently carrying out Duterte’s fake drug war.

Media say the public is confused but in fact most people shrug off this event with disdain and cynicism because they have grown to realize that this drug war is a fake and that Duterte is a liar.

Duterte himself is the most powerful drug protector in the country and drugs are here to stay so long as Duterte and his cronies rule the country along with their military ang police minions and mercenaries.#

The Poster Boy is a Narco Cop