The true state of the nation presented by the people demands Duterte’s ouster

Joint statement of NPA and NDF Negros

The revolutionary movement recognizes the genuine State of the Nation Address (SONA) conducted by the Negrosanons in the cities of Bacolod, Kabankalan and Dumaguete where they revealed the true worsening conditions of every sector in the fifth year of the insufferable and bloody Duterte regime. Despite the obvious strides taken by the reactionary government to prevent their resistance, the collective demonstrations of the Negrosanons have unmasked their rage and utterly disgusted to the burdensome, corrupt, and treacherous regime.

“Similar to the first four years, the fifth SONA of the Duterte regime is pointless and full of lies, and remains to offer no comprehensive and scientific solution on solving the increasing Covid-19 cases and no concrete steps taken to resolve the socio-economic crisis faced by the Filipino people.”

Ka Juanito Magbanua, spokesperson of NPA-Negros, stressed that Duterte’s government persists to be planless and inutile in dealing with the dying and declining economy of the country amid the public health crisis due to the pandemic. His statements have only been full of hubris and praise for his corrupt, treacherous, and fascist connives in the ruling class of landlords, bourgeois compradors, and bureaucrat capitalists.

“The governance of Duterte reeks  of its decaying despite his futile attempts to sugarcoat it. This is uncovered by the worsening conditions of the masses particularly in Negros suffering hunger and poverty where feudal and semi-feudal relations are still rampant. His failed and ignorant response to the people’s demands of a medical approach and mass testing is only adding insult to injury. Instead of addressing this, he has prioritized his personal vendetta against the opposition and the passing of death penalty.”

Aside from the increasing number of those affected by the virus, there are also countless cases of locally stranded individuals who are suffering from hunger and longing to return home, massive unemployment, and landlessness and workforce displacement. He continues the mobilization of his mercenary troops and the implementation of a militarist approach but has ironically surrendered to China the West Philippine Sea and the country’s sovereignty because he admitted he cannot match the prowess of the imperialist power. He has effectively sentenced the Filipino people to death before the passage of death penalty.”, added Magbanua.

Obrero noted that the Negrosanons are fed up with the tyrannical Duterte regime where the residing dictator monopolizes power and uses the bureaucracy as a rubber stamp to rule through instilling fear and fascist terror in the island and the entire nation. Duterte has wasted the efforts and sacrifice of the toiling masses of over 5 months in where he has imprisoned them in their homes through a militarist lockdown and has systematically whipped them with state fascism and wrath.

“The disgruntled masses are at their boiling point because of the puppet Duterte regime’s rule in the country. It is only right to expand and strengthen the revolutionary movement to demand the bloody Duterte regime to pay for its brutal crimes against the people. The rage of the people must be consolidated and transformed to larger militant mass movements to arouse, organize, and mobilize the broad range of the Negrosanon masses.”

“Along with the chronic crisis of capitalism and the sharpening of contradictions to advance the just cause of the armed struggle to put an end to the decaying system of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system. Together with the broad masses, the revolutionary red fighters are prepared to launch widespread and intensified tactical offensives to overcome and oust the dictatorial, inutile, and tyrannical US-Duterte regime!”, ended Magbanua.

The true state of the nation presented by the people demands Duterte’s ouster