The truth behind the arrest of Chinese nationals and company in Teresa, Rizal


The mercenary AFP and its officers namely Major Genereal Rhoderick Parayno of 2nd ID-PA, B/General Marcelo Burgos Jr. of 202nd Brigade-PA and Lt. Col. Melencio Ragudo of 80th IB-PA are again spewing web of lies to justify the arrest of Chinese nationals and their Filipino employees. Their is no iota of truth to their public pronouncement that the arrested individuals are involved in any destabilization plot against the Duterte Regime much lesss involved in the AFP concocted “Red October” ouster plot. The arrrested Chinese Nationals and company namely Ke Be I aka Lily Ong, Brandy Solinap, Victor Dela Cruz, Be-Lian Ke, Diosdado Bohol and Ke Quiao a.k.a Sam Jany, were legitimate employees of Coral Farms Inc. led by their General Manager, Miss Lily Ong, who is embroiled in a business war against her relative business partner. Mr. William Belo. Even the arresting NBI-Special Action Unit (NBI-SAU) officers led by Atty, Emeterio Dogallo confirmed that it is a bussness complaint that lead them to raid and arrest Ms Ong and company.


The attempt of the AFP top brass in Southern Tagalog to link innocent individuals to the revolutionary movement is an old gimmick to justify their concocted lies of non-existent “Red October” plot. It serves as a distraction to the real issues confronting the Duterte regime who is facing strong opposition from the Filipino people who are now fed up of extra-judicial killing, mass murders, human rights violations, worsening poverty becuase of soaring prices of rice and basic commodites. The call for Duterte’s removal is gaining ground that makes Duterte Regime tremble and scrambling for means to distract the attention of the people.



Based on our investigation and information coming from friends and concerned individuals from PNP-Rizal and local government officials of Rizal. Ke. Be I, better known as Ms. Lily Ong in the Province of Rizal is a Chinese Businesswoman presently serving as General Manager of Coral Farms Inc. based in Pantay Buhangin, Dalig, Teresa, Rizal. She is residing in the Philippines for a long time now who managed to turn Coral Farms from a small poultry farm into a now sprawling 800 hectares poultry, piggery and crocodile farms which is now one of the biggest agricultural farms in Rizal and Tarlac. She is a close relative, a cousin of   Mr. William Belo, the majority owner of Coral Farms Inc. and the present owner of the more known company named WILCON DEPOT. Ms. Ong and Mr. Belo are business partners since they arrived fin the Philippines from Mainland China in 1970’s.


Miss Lily Ong was a victim of Kidnap for Ransom syndicate headed by the former 418th PNP-PMG Caommander Col. Tabujara. She was freed after her families, including Mr. Belo, paid P6 M pesos ransom. After she was freed by her kidnappers, Ms. Lily Ong continued her work as General Manager of Coral Farms. She employed the protection of PNP-Rizal personnel and men of then PNP-SAF commander Gen. Leocadio Santiago. She also bought handful of firearms being used by her police bodyguards and police escort. For a very long time, Ms. Ong was provided security escorts by members of Rizal PNP specifically from the 418th at 419th Mobile group and of PNP Teresa, Rizal. The police personnel were officialy deployed by their officers to act as personal bodyguards and police escort of Ms. Ong.


In the year 2005, Ms. Lily Ong was again victimized by police kidnappers. She was saved when the kidnappers were apprehended by the men PNP-SAF Gen. Santiago whom Ms.Ong Called while she was being kidnapped. From then on, more police personnel were deployed as police escorts of Ms. Lily Ong. The police personnel detailed as bodyguards of Ms Ong received monthly allowances and other benefits from Coral Farms. Since then, Ms Lily Ong became a milking cow of AFP-PNP. She is usually being asked to shoulder expenses and financial donations by AFP-PNP officers during parties and celebrations. Many individuals and goups can attest how close Ms. Ong is, to the officers and men of AFP-PNP detailed in Rizal province. The PNP Generals Leocadio Santiago, Joel Garcia, Col Tabujara and all officers of PNP Rizal can attest how close is Lily Ong to them. Anybody can ask residents of Teresa Rizal, even ordinary policemen in Rizal Province what is the relationship betwwenn Ms. Ong and PNP officers and local government officers and they would all say that Ms. Ong is very close to them and that they knew that Ms. Ong is a Chinese businesswoman being given protection by PNP-Rizal.


It was only after the business war of Ms. Ong and Mr.Belo came into open that the police escorts were pulled out. The business war started when the family of Mr. Belo wanted to ease out Ms. Ong from Coral Farms which Ms. Ong resisted. She did not expect that their difference will result to the NBI-AFP raid and her arrest and detention together with her close employees. It turns out that Mr. William Belo is more powerful and more influential to the AFP-PNP-NBI under the Duterte Regime.




Ms. Lily Ong is not connected to the NPA in Southern Tagalog nor her mansion is an NA safehouse. On the contrary, the PNP officers are the ones using Ms. Ong’s mansion as safehouse and rest and recreation areas and not the members of the NPA.


While it is true that some well meaning and concerned friends from the PNP Rizal and Local Government Officials have approached and urged us to initiate contact with the management of Coral Farm regarding issues affecting the company and its workers, the communication never progressed because Ms.Lily Ong was always surrounded by retinue of police escorts who were protecting her 24/7. It is very difficult to approach Ms Ong without an armed encounter with her heavily armed police escorts.


We are also sure that Ms. Ong is not involved in any “Red October” plot because there is no such plot. Red October is only a concoction of the fascist AFP under orders from Duterte and their US master. Red October is only a fantastic tale of a deranged Duterte Goverment. Ms. Liliy Ong and company are innocent. Charges against them are fabricated. They are not involved in any destabilization plot against the Duterte Government. Surely, the Duterte Goverment will have a lot of explaining to do to his Chinese Friend Pres. Xi Jingping on why Chinese nationals doing business in the Philippines are being arrested and detained on fabricated charges.


While Ms. Lily Ong and other Chinese nationals in her employ can be taken cared of by their Chinese Embassy, we are expressing concern about the safety of the Filipino employees of Coral Farms, namely Brandy Solinap,Victor Dela Cruz and Diosdado Bohol. They are just poor workers who were caught in the middle of bussines war between Ms. Lily Ong and Mr. William Belo. They must be released immediately and be returned to their families. We are also holding the owners and management of Coral Farms Inc responsible for the continuesd violation of the labor rights of their workers. At the same time, we are calling on the Filipino workers inside companies owned by Chinese Capitalists and other foreign capitalists to get organized and struggle for your legitimate and democratic rights. Join the revolution to change the capitalist system that oppresses the workers.


To the Filipino people, let us not be distracted by Duterte regime’s “Red October” plot. Let us persevere in our struggle to fight the fascist US-Duterte Regime until he is eventually ousted by Filipino People.











The truth behind the arrest of Chinese nationals and company in Teresa, Rizal