The US-Duterte regime’s military junta is PNG in the Bicol Region

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In answer to the public’s widespread demand for revolutionary justice, the People’s Provisional Revolutionary Government (PPRG) declares as PERSONA NON GRATA (PNG) individual members of the NTF and RTF-ELCAC, heads of agencies, organizations and individuals from active “stakeholder” identities of the the same level for their rapacious implementation of the US-Duterte regime’s war against the the people. NTF-ELCAC’s record is stained with blood in its systematic campaign of killings, blatant disregard of human rights and reign over the civilian bureaucracy in order to protect the ruling of the US-Duterte’s dictatorship and defend foreign interests and projects in the region. The Senate is within reason to firmly stand on defunding the NTF-ELCAC but this is not enough to remedy the widespread demand for the scrapping and abolition of the military junta.

Individual members or military and police units who were directly engaged in the killing, cruelty and other forms of repression will receive just punishment appropriate for criminal offenses. It is the same for inviduals in the civilian bureaucracy from the local government and agencies.

In the midst of the pandemic and calamity, the military junta, through the NTF-ELCAC, has been hindering the civilian bureaucracy from effectively fulfilling the expedient delivery of aid and services to the people. In assuming control over the civilian bureaucracy, every which way civilian agencies and local government units move is regarded as part of the military estrategic plan. Officials of the military junta have already pilfered from trillions of funds allocated for the anti-insurgency war, still they pillage the funds for local government units and civilian bureaucracy. It is ready throw local government units under the bus to dodge the Senate’s ongoing investigation of it’s corrupt practices and futile existence.

These past few months, the Bicolano masses and the whole country rejoiced as the New People’s Army-Bicol dealt great blows against the RTF-ELCAC.

NDF-Bicol calls on all public servants to stand against the military junta’s reign over civilian bureaucracy. In this time where the lives and livelihood of the vast majority of the people are under threat there is nothing left to be done but to resolutely reclaim power from the hands of tyrants and let civilian authority prevail. NDF-Bicol also applauds all members of the media who have created avenues for the masses’ voice. Allowing space for the different forms of the united people’s struggle inspires other communities and knits together more Bicolanos to decisively shrug off the veil of the US-Duterte regime’s fascist terrorism.

Down with the military junta!
Dare to envision a world free of tyrants!

The US-Duterte regime’s military junta is PNG in the Bicol Region