Through the leadership of the CPP, the people will end the tyranny of the US-Duterte regime


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The National Democratic Front of the Philippines in NorthEastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) warmly greets the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as it celebrates the 52nd anniversary of its re-establishment, today, December 26, 2020. Let us render our highest salute to all Party cadres and members and revolutionary forces who sacrificed their lives for the national democratic revolution.

Let us commend the persevering struggle and firm commitment of all Party members, the (People’s) Army and masses in NorthEastern Mindanao Region (NEMR). Because of them, despite unrelenting and intensified attacks, the US-Duterte regime failed to annihilate the revolutionary movement in NEMR and the whole country.

Majority of the people are suffering under the tyrannical regime of Duterte. His rule is marked by gruesome killings and attacks, corruption and of plunging the people in utter distress. The regime is inutile in controlling the rapid spread of COVID19 in the country. Its militarized measures and the blind obedience of those in power resulted to an increased number of sick and dying and destroyed people’s livelihoods.

In NEMR, militaristic measures hold sway in controlling the COVID19 pandemic. The politicians in power blindly imitated what Duterte’s IATF imposed in Metro Manila and prematurely halted the economic life of the region when it was still not necessary to do so and no mass testing and effective contract tracing were done to control the spread. Even though there was no COVID 19 case or there were very few cases, it imitated, without any hesitation, the lockdown that the National IATF imposed, in all cities and almost all municipalities which deprived people of their livelihood. Its claim of having the capability to deliver assistance to the people failed miserably because of bureaucracy, prioritization of military and police budget and corruption in government agencies. Officials of local government units, fearing the ire of the militarized regional IATF and Duterte himself, were silent on their inability to do so.

To conceal their inutility, the Duterte regime attacked government critics, right and left. To hide the serious corruption of people appointed in government agencies, they spread lies to destroy those who exposed corruption and anomalies of those in power. To stop the people from uniting and overthrowing him, he used fascism and made complete mercenaries of the AFP and PNP who he ordered to kill activists, critics, human rights defenders, media people, lawyers, doctors and ordinary civilians including the elderly. Because of Duterte’s assurance and arrogance, the police and the military are drunk with power making it easy for them to kill and violate human rights.

It’s as if there is no COVID19 pandemic in NEMR where military operations of the AFP/PNP continue in the mountains. It wasted millions, dislocated farmers and Lumad and destroyed sources of livelihood and food by indiscriminate bombings, utilizing expensive newly bought “advanced” military equipment, fake surrenders and giving rewards for the killings and implementing projects that are money making sources of military officials. It continue to kill, even progressives, file trumped-up cases against and connect them to the NPA, to silence them. We will not forget the gruesome killing of peasant leader Nora Apique and 3 farmers in Surigao del Sur during the COVID19 pandemic. They also killed elderly civilians Rolando Leyson, Sr., Josefino Calang and Ignacio Arevalo in Surigao del Norte for the sole reason of having children or nephew that are members of the NPA. They killed Red fighters who could no longer fight back like Ka Reb whose lifeless body was violated and Ka Joaquin Jacinto who was hors de combat because of his illness and paralysis.

Despite all these treacherous killings and other forms of attacks, the US-Duterte regime and his AFP/PNP failed to destroy the revolutionary movement in NEMR. The people are not deceived by the fake and forced surrender of ordinary civilians to show that the NPA in the region have been diminished. Through the correct leadership of the CPP, the Red fighters of the NPA-NEMR were able to defend the mass bases and not a single guerilla front in the region was destroyed. The Party became creative in uniting the masses to confront the effects of the COVID19 pandemic and underhanded enemy attacks that gravely violate human rights. Through the leadership of the Party, the Red fighters and masses learned new methods and overcame challenges. The revolutionary forces are always ready and alert of opportunities to strike blows against the power drunk military and police and deliver justice to their victims.

These gruesome acts of the US-Duterte regime will surely intensify the hatred of the masses against Duterte’s tyrannical rule. These will unite the boiling anger of the people to overthrow Duterte and his minions from power and make them pay, especially his generals, for the crimes they committed against the people. The brutality of his regime will hasten the enlightenment of the people on the correctness of the CPP lead revolution and will push them towards armed struggle.

Let us celebrate the anniversary of the CPP in small and creative ways while we look forward to bigger and more joyous celebrations in the future!

Long live the CPP on the 52nd anniversary of its re-establishment!
Join the national democratic revolution!
Bring the revolution to victory!
Unite and overthrow the fascist US-Duterte regime!

Through the leadership of the CPP, the people will end the tyranny of the US-Duterte regime