To the victims of the Duterte regime’s oppression and violence, the NPA is on your side

As the Duterte regime heightens its violent attacks against the Filipino masses, we assure the people that the forces of the New People’s Army (NPA) are on your side. To Duterte, his military cabal and his band of comprador oppressors, we are closely watching you.

Through all the information in the media and social media, the NPA is not only aware but enraged by the vicious attacks being carried out by the state and state-supported forces against the people. The recent brutal dispersal of striking workers at the giant condiments manufacturer NutriAsia in Marilao, Bulacan, the violent demolition of fisherfolk homes in Laiya, Batangas and the AFP’s oppressive acts against the evacuees of Lianga, Surigao del Sur all demonstrated the state’s ready use of violence against unarmed civilians.

The illegal arrests and detention of workers, supporters and even members of the media, point to the state’s all-out use of its oppressive institutions to protect big comprador bourgeois interests and terrorize workers and their supporters. The ruling class is rapidly closing its ranks – even to the point of using its power and sway over the big corporate media to bury the real stories of oppression.

The regime is attacking on all fronts: in addition to attacks in NutriAsia, Laiya and Lianga, protesting workers of Middleby, Unipak, Pearl Island, CoreAsia, Jollibee, Manila Harbour Centre, among others, are being subjected to harassment and intimidation. Union organizers are being threatened. These attacks are on top of the regime’s bloody, oppressive, and militaristic Oplan Tokhang, Oplan Tanggal-Tambay, and Oplan Kapayapaan.

In the countryside, Lumads and peasants who have already evacuated due to intense militarization are relentlessly harassed and oppressed, even to the point of starvation. AFP units block their supply of food, water and other neccesities, even under the glare of media and social media. Like the workers in cities, they are charged with ridiculous cases to keep them immobile and unable to carry on with lives and struggles.

As the Duterte regime unleashes brutal violence to suppress the people’s resistance, we assure the Filipino people: The NPA is on your side.

Among the NPA are peasants and workers, as well as students, professionals and ordinary people, who long to attain to correct the injustices that continue to be perpetrated by the state and its sponsors. At the heart of the national democratic revolution is the aspiration for a just society where these injustices will all become faint memories of a bygone era.

Revolutionary justice will be attained. The mounting catastrophe that the regime’s tyranny is invariably provoking will rapidly intensify the people’s wrath and will certainly usher the downfall of this oppressive system. We enjoin all struggling workers, peasants, students, professionals, and the toiling masses to join the NPA, and together, let us fight and quake the system to usher in the bright future – sans oppression, sans violence, sans injustice – that the Filipino people deserve.

To the victims of the Duterte regime's oppression and violence, the NPA is on your side