Transform people’s outrage over Marcos-Duterte election steal into revolutionary resistance


The recent elections go down in history as one of the most fraudulent ever held. It is being rigged at the highest level with the outgoing tyrant Duterte at the helm.

Wielding absolute control of the automated electoral system through a cabal of appointed top Comelec officials, Duterte is stealing the 2022 elections to ensure the imminent “landslide victory” of Marcos Jr. and his daughter.

With the devious “unofficial quick count” setting the stage and conditioning the public for the eventual Marcos Jr.- Sara Duterte win, it’s only a matter of time that the they will be proclaimed as the new highest leaders of the Philippine neocolonial state in grand contravention to the real will of the people.

The people are seething in anger fully aware that the Leni Robredo-Kiko Pangilinan opposition tandem are the real winners of the vote. Rightfully, they are protesting about malfunctioning and missing vote counting machines, massive vote buying, pre-shading of ballots, widespread threat and intimidation, red-tagging especially in the countryside.

Thousands of famers and local voters in Mabinay, Negros Oriental staged a protest a day after the elections demanding that the Comelec to investigate the numerous incidents of barefaced cheating.

But the much bigger rob is the preprogramming of VCMs by the Duterte-controlled Comelec to shave and pad votes in favor of Marcos Jr. It can be cleaned from “quick count” figures an almost uniform increment votes for Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte indicative of preprogrammed machine pattern.

Despite of this, the people of Negros Occidental managed to deliver a victory for Robredo and Duterte’s bet for governor in Negros Oriental lost by sizeable margin. Several local candidates who are openly or discreetly supportive of Robredo won in an upset against much more entrenched political families allied with Duterte.

The people did not elect the son of a dictator contrary to the common narrative circulating in the media and social media platforms, but the preprogrammed machines of Duterte’s Comelec. The fight to stop the Marcoses from returning to power and the perpetuation of the Duterte dynasty has not ended with the rigging of election results knowing who the real winners are.

Mammoth mass actions, street demonstrations and other form of protests must be mounted. We call on Negrosanon whose votes has been stolen to rise up and get organized and prevent the cheaters from taking power.

While the various revolutionary underground organization must draw more people to the revolution and the NPA must intensify tactical offensives to weaken the Duterte regime and defend the people from its fascist onslaught.

We must prepare for hard battles ahead of us and gather all our strength and courage to unite and mobilize greater number of Negrosanons to block the path of Marcos Jr back to Malacañang.

We must remain indefatigable and resolute in advancing the struggle against tyranny and dictatorship and carry forward the people’s democratic revolution to greater heights. ###

Transform people’s outrage over Marcos-Duterte election steal into revolutionary resistance