Trotskyitis is a virulent type of psychopathic anti-communism

The Trotskyites are exposing themselves as big liars by calling Stalin, Mao and the Communist Party of the Philippines as instruments of the national bourgeoisie rather than of the working class. Now, they are claiming that the CPP has given up Marxism-Leninism and has embraced Catholicism, its entire history and all its doctrines.

Trotskyitis is truly a mental disease of boundless mendacity, a virulent type of psychopathic anti-communism, a verbose complement to the state terrorism of the butcher Duterte regime. Please read critically the Trotskyite article below against the facts and the further clarification made here.

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines has much to say in friendly terms towards Catholics and other Christians as well as Muslims who advocate a just peace and human rights. The Christians for National Liberation and the Moro Revolution and Liberation Organization are major allied organizations within the NDFP.

Only Trotskyite psychopaths can offend the scores of millions of Christians and other religious believers and drum up religious and anti-religious issues to obfuscate the urgent social, economic and political and moral issues. The Christians for National Liberation and the Moro Resistance and Liberation Organization are major allied organizations within the NDFP.

It is not therefore surprising that the Interim Chair of the NDFP Negotiating Panel speaks in friendly and ecumenical terms towards Christian leaders and followers who are assembled to promote the cause of just peace and human rights and the earliest possible resumption of GRP-NDFP peace negotiations.

But like their charlatan idol Trotsky, the Trotskyites have a penchant for misrepresentation and prevarication. They misrepresent alliances and common positions within and outside of the NDFP as the surrender or self-equation of the CPP to any of its allies under any circumstances. They cannot understand how the CPP maintains its independence and initiative even as it seriously cooperate with its broad range of allies.

The Trotskyites have become notorious for doing everything to isolate the working class and deprive it of the basic alliance of the peasantry, the secondary alliance of the middle social strata and the tertiary alliance with temporary and unstable allies within the reactionary classes.

Historically, the Trotskyites have discredited themselves by siding with the fascist powers against Stalin and the Soviet Union and with the US in the Cold War against the socialist countries and the national liberation movements. They have presented themselves as crazies by denying Stalin and Mao as proletarian revolutionary thinkers and leaders and misrepresenting them as instruments of the national bourgeoisie.

Being special agents of imperialism and the reactionaries, they deny the ideological, political and organizational integrity of the CPP as the advanced detachment of the working class and the need for alliances on the national democratic stage of the Philippine revolution.

In fact, they deny the need to get rid of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism and to basically complete the national democratic revolution before the socialist revolution can begin in the Philippines.

These Trotskyite counterrevolutionaries pretend to be for socialist revolution immediately in the Philippines but at the same time they say that it is impossible to have socialism in any single country despite the Soviet experience under Stalin, followed by the rise of several socialist countries in the aftermath of the anti-fascist war.###

Trotskyitis is a virulent type of psychopathic anti-communism