Underground revolutionary youth group holds lightning protest a day before 55th anniversary

Underground revolutionary youth group Kabataang Makabayan – Lucille Gypsy Zabala Brigade conducts a lightning rally on Friday, November 29, to commemorate its upcoming 55th year anniversary on November 30.

“The youth bravely fought against the fascism of the US-Marcos regime, wherein many youth martyrs offered their lives to oust the dictator. The youth channeled their vigor in the struggles of the toiling masses, which in turned became a necessary core in founding the new Communist Party of the Philippines under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and the New People’s Army—all necessary to fulfill the goal of taking away the political power from the State and the ruling class. Kabataang Makabayan accepted its important role – wholeheartedly offering their youth, talents, and vigor for the triumph of the revolution,” the group says.

The youth group also blasts the Duterte administration over its continued attacks on the Filipino people and its lofty statements to end the continuing revolution.

“Duterte says that he will finish the revolution before the end of his term. He is determined to sow terror through Oplan Kapanatagan, wherein many where killed, incarcerated, displaced from their homes and livelihoods. The bureaucrats, local governments, and social agencies will only use this to their advantage in launching their war against the Filipino masses who only defends their rights to life. Duterte is crazed enough to dream of ending the Philippine revolution! The revolution continues if the likes of Duterte—who exploits the many to benefit the few—exist! Duterte will perish first and succumb to his many diseases while the future of revolution is kept alive by generations of youth ready to devote themselves for the revolution and for the Filipino masses,” the group continues.

“The armed struggle exists to end the elite rule and exploitation! The armed struggle exists to end poverty. The triumph of the revolution is for the people! Death to the oppression and exploitation! Kabataan Makabayan invites the youth to contribute to this noble undertaking and fight for the triumph of the revolution! Long live the Kabataang Makabayan’s 55th anniversary! Join the New People’s Army!” the group ends.###

Underground revolutionary youth group holds lightning protest a day before 55th anniversary