Uphold media freedom in the Philippines — Ka Bayani Obrero, NDF-Negros

Since the US-Duterte regime came to power, the state of Philippine media, both alternative and mainstream, has worsened. There have been at least 172 attacks on the media including at least 16 murders (at least 3 in Negros Island), making the country one of the most dangerous places in the world for media practictioners. State forces are relentlessly attacking the media who cannot help but expose the rottenness of Duterte and his clique.

Just recently, Duterte has effectively shut down the media giant ABS-CBN, while also threatening a massive retrenchment of its employees. Additionally, the media are often dismissed as ‘misquoting’ controversial anti-people statements from various politicians such as Pia Cayetano and even Duterte himself. Alternative media are constantly being red-tagged and surveilled. Just recently, in Negros, local journalist Rommel Pido has been receiving death threats from a local official.

To our friends from the media, it is glaringly clear that Duterte’s intentions on establishing his militarist rule threatens the very essence of your work. He is hellbent on monopolizing power no matter the cost. With this, the revolutionary forces and the Filipino masses are in solidarity with the media in defending press freedom against state-sponsored suppression and violence. The delusional Duterte should not be allowed to stay in power for long. ###

Defend press freedom!
Long live the people’s solidarity!
Oust Duterte!

Uphold media freedom in the Philippines -- Ka Bayani Obrero, NDF-Negros