Use of dead NPA photo in Army fb profile condemned

The New People’s Army (NPA) in Southeast Negros strongly denounced the malicious use and exploitation of the photo of a recently martyred Red fighter by a Facebook account of an 11th IB psywar operative.

The account “Tagabantay Kami Kaninyo” (We Are Your Guardians) maintained and managed by M/Sgt. Borja utilized the photo of Wilbert/Ebit “Ka Mj” Fuentes who died along with another comrade last December 24, 2020 in an armed clashed in Siaton that resulted in four AFP casualties.

This account was employed by Borja on orders by 11th IB and NTF-ELCAC overlords as front in its red tagging and vilification campaign against the masses especially the members of legal peasant organizations.

“This is clearly a desecration of dead person which is taboo in our culture and strictly prohibited in International Humanitarian Law. It only show how desperate 11th IB is given the unrealistic and unattainable marching order of AFP chief of staff to dismantle all NPA guerilla fronts in 2021. They cannot even wipe out a small team, let alone an entire guerilla front,” Rachelle Mae Palang Command (RMPC) spokesperson Ka Estrella Banagbanag said.

Banagbanag added that out of desperation the 11th IB is using all malevolent methods available in its books of dirty tricks to deceive, hoodwink and browbeat the masses into submission.

Borja has been implicated in several cases of red tagging, death threat, blackmail and attempted ejk. The farmers of barangay Tayak, now the epicenter of RSCP mischief in Siaton, and adjacent barangays of Napacao and Casalaan are in the process of filing appropriate legal cases and other actions. ###

Use of dead NPA photo in Army fb profile condemned