Vice President Robredo’s proposals are way more progressive

The assessment and proposals laid out yesterday by Vice President Leni Robredo are way more progressive than the inept and police-centric response of the Duterte regime to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is a good thing that the vice president laid out the proposals which give the Filipino people a clearer idea of what should be done by the government to manage the pandemic.

Her proposals reflect the practices of countries which have successfully managed the pandemic. Indeed, in some countries including Cuba, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan and New Zealand, active public health interventions without overarching police repression, have seen positive results.

The vice president’s proposals are consistent with the program of action laid forth by the Party in May [Enough is enough! Fight for people’s democratic rights and interests amid pandemic!]. The Filipino people can rally around and further develop the vice president’s pandemic response program in the hope of pushing for an urgent turn around to overcome the public health and economic crisis.

Vice President Robredo's proposals are way more progressive