Wage revolution to avert climate disaster!

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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the broad democratic movement around the globe in denouncing the recently concluded United Nations conference on climate change for its failure to take decisive action to reverse the rapid rise in the earth’s temperature resulting in disastrous floods, landslides, droughts, heat waves, supertyphoons, fires and rising sea waters.

Like previous climate change conferences, the COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland was dominated by the imperialist countries and monopoly bourgeois big industries. As a result, it refused to put to task the biggest producers of green house gases which include the leading capitalist countries such as the United States, China, Russia, Germany, India, United Kingdom, Japan and France.

Past and new promises of these climate change conferences serve only to placate the people’s rising outrage over the increasingly deleterious impact of capitalist greed. It turned a deaf ear to the widespread clamor for decisive steps to phase out the use of coal and other fossil fuels, promote the use of renewable energy and put a stop to large-scale mining, logging and clearing of land for monocrop plantations. It rejected demands for the imperialists to recompense its semicolonies for the decades of plunder and destruction.

We stand together with the broad sectors of society in indicting the imperialist governments and big monopoly capitalist corporations for the unbridled exploitation of the earth’s resources. We congratulate the militant mass demonstrations participated in by millions of people, especially by young people across the world, who manifested their anger and rejection of the COP26 pretensions.

For more than a century, imperialists have engaged in colonization and neocolonization, the subjugation and murder of peoples to seize markets and cheap sources of raw materials. Inter-imperialist and proxy wars have erupted over the past decades and continue to cause massive destruction of the environment and pollution with the use of nuclear weapons and toxic chemicals for explosives, as well as flying jet fighters and operating drones for days on end, and military-industrial production of weapons and military equipment. As a result of unmitigated plunder, the imperialists continue to push the world to the brink of global disaster.

The monopoly capitalist insatiable hunger for superprofits drive the reckless plunder and destruction of the environment resulting in rising global temperatures. Despite advances in technology and high levels of organizations, the capitalist system continues to be marked by anarchy and waste of resources, as rival capitalists race against one another in their push for maximum profit.

Amid the deepening crisis of global capitalism and falling rates of profits, the monopoly bourgeoisie are heightening production to unprecedented levels using computers, robotics, artificial intelligence and other technological advances. They are expending energy at massive scales and exhausting large amounts of resources. This is resulting in unprecedented levels of surplus commodities and unsold inventories.

In the Philippines, the effects of rising global temperatures and environmental plunder are becoming increasingly disastrous especially for the broad masses of the Filipino people. Supertyphoons have become increasingly frequent attributed to rising ocean surface temperatures. Floods and landslides have become more destructive as a result of the massive deforestation due to a century of logging and mining operations and large-scale clearing of land for plantations and infrastructure projects. The peasant masses and fisherfolk suffer the worst effects of supertyphoons, floods and landslides, as well as the poisoning of land and water sources. The ethnic minority people, who long have served as caregivers of the forests, are being driven away from their land by mining companies and big capitalist plantations. In the cities, the masses of workers and semiproletariat suffer the worst of floods caused by urban decay.

In the Philippines, resistance against environmental plunder is vigorous and militant. The masses of peasants and ethnic minorities have strongly opposed land grabbing and land-use conversion. They have mounted demonstrations and barricades to collectively resist the entry of mining companies and logging operations. In response, the ruling classes have resorted to increasingly brutal tactics of suppression against environmental activists and defenders of their land.

Under the leadership of the Party, the New People’s Army (NPA) enforces the policies of the people’s democratic government to protect and nurture the environment. It carries out actions to sanction the worst destroyers of the environment and put a stop to their operations, including mining companies and big plantations.

The proletariat and toiling people, especially the young generation who will inherit the earth, must act to avert climate disaster. The only real path is revolution to fight for liberation from imperialism and build socialism. Only by overthrowing the monopoly bourgeoisie and ending the capitalist system can there be an end to the plunder and destruction of the environment and decisively put a stop to spiraling temperatures.

The proletariat, with the support of all democratic classes, must wage revolution to take away political power from the monopoly bourgeoisie and other reactionary classes to end their greed for profit. Under the proletariat, the state can plan production and wealth distribution and ensure that democracy thrives, that the interests and welfare of workers and toiling people are primordial, and that the earth will remain healthy under communism.

Wage revolution to avert climate disaster!