We are Stronger than Ever! — NDF-Panay

Mabuhay ang Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas!

For fifty-one years the Party has proven its steadfastness and tenacity in leading the most resilient Marxist-Leninist revolution today. The Party has skillfully led the Philippine revolution from the remnants of the old revisionist Lava leadership to a reinvigorated and reestablished Party strengthening itself through more than five decades of protracted peopleís war. Now we are stronger than ever!

NDF-Panay congratulates the Communist Party of the Philippines for another year of remarkable achievements in the fierce struggle against the US-Duterte tyrannical regime. This year has been marked by more widespread tactical offensives by the NPA nationwide and the growing anti-fascist and anti-tyranny movement encompassing more sectors, more forces and more democratic individuals.

Thru its correct political line and democratic leadership the Party has gained the respect of the revolutionary people’s organizations especially in the NDFP. The Party teaches and persuades, it does not impose; the Party leads by example and is not arrogant. It has consistently supported the peopleís actions and demands for their legitimate interests. It has always encouraged the marginalized to organize themselves and stand up for their rights.

Inspite of the fascist regime’s relentless attacks against the CPP, the NPA and the NDFP, the revolutionary struggle has only heightened and intensified. The NPA dealing deadly blows and inflicting hundreds of casualties upon the enemy and the NDFP organizations expanding and leading more militant peopleís struggles against tyranny, corruption and treachery. Inspite of the tyrant’s red-tagging, threats to kill and the outright refusal to respect the people’s basic rights, the enlightened, organized and democratic sectors of the populace are bravely taking to the streets to demand their basic political, economic and cultural rights and freedoms.

The fascist butcher Duterte has vowed to destroy and pulverize the NPA and the revolutionary forces by the end of the year. However it seems that 2019 will exit with Duterte eating his own words. Duterte and his ilk cannot rule forever but the revolution led by the Party is here to stay winning year upon year until final victory.

Mabuhay ang Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas!

We are Stronger than Ever! -- NDF-Panay