Why and What is there to Celebrate Independence Day?


“I have seen the affliction of my people… I have heard their cry…I know their suffering and have come down to deliver them. ” Exodus 14 :

The Exodus narrative from Scriptures is so apt for what is happening to our people. Yahweh listened to the cry of the oppressed, empowered them until they enjoyed independence and freedom from their Egyptian oppressors. From history we learned that General Emilio Aguinaldo ratified the declaration of Independence from Spanish colonization on June 12, 1898. The Philippines’ flag was raised and its national anthem was played for the first time. However, that independence was short-lived because the United States did not recognize the declaration.

The Christians for National Liberation [CNL] strongly question the continued celebration of the country’s so called Independence Day every June 12. Until July 1946, years after Aguinaldo’s Declaration of Philippine Independence, we were run as a colony by the United States of America. To this day the country remains firmly under the yoke of America. The question why and what is the value of continued celebration of Independence Day?

Today with the present dispensation, China has been claiming parts of the West Philippine sea as its territory, in accordance with their “nine dash line” argument. President Duterte has been too friendly with China by accessing loans and o few days ago left for a state visit to Japan joined by sixteen (16) cabinet members. The U.S and Japan are exploiting this issue with China just so they can push for their economic interests in the country, which is what the government relies on to help face China, that is the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) and the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States.

Commemorating the day our heroes fought for freedom and independence, today the Filipino people will rise again to claim what is ours and fight for our country’s sovereignty. Just like our forefathers in the faith the Israelites, CNL believes that the unity of all the Filipino people will be the power that will defend and save our country from foreign intrusion. There will never be true democracy and true freedom, as long as there are other countries interfering in our internal affairs.

We call on the Christians for National Liberation [CNL] nationwide and church people to continue their formation of Christians for a correct grasp of our history to arouse, organize and mobilize them to carry on the legacy in exercising their prophetic role and the historic mission for the marginalized sectors in attaining national liberation. Learn from Scriptures especially from our forefathers in the faith who gained independence through unity and their collective struggle.

Long live the Christians for National Liberation!

Long live the People’s Democratic Revolution with a Socialist Perspective!

Why and What is there to Celebrate Independence Day?