Young women, fight and create your future in the revolution!

This article is available in Pilipino

In commemoration of the International Day of Women, NDF-Bikol salutes the Bikolano women and all the women from all over the world, including the young women, who continue to persevere in their revolutionary work. All the fruits of the mass struggle and the revolutionary movement’s labor are for the youth and the new generations. They will be the guardians and torchbearers of the victory of the people’s war. They play a great role in consolidating and keeping the flames of the people’s struggle burning.

Many young women have come to actualize their dynamic roles inside their families, educational institutions, communities and the revolution. They have learned from the miseries that their mothers and other women have endured such as discrimination, boundaries brought by the traditional viewpoint on women, limited liberties set by society, violence and many other. They know fully well that as long as the semicolonial and semifeudal society exists, oppression and exploitation against their ranks will persist.

But although the trials they face loom over them, these young women have the boldness to try new things. They are unafraid of speaking up their minds. They break free from the confines of their own worlds and discover other places to thrive in. Above all, they are ready to join the revolution to create their future and to overturn the societal triangle.

The challenge to advance the struggle to eradicate discrimination and attain justice for all the violence they have suffered from lies on these young women. They must arouse and organize not just their ranks but the wide numbers of masses to fight and uprise alongside them. Through this, they will be standing with all the other sectors in the struggle for a society truly free and equal.

NDF-Bikol encourages all the young women who desire genuine and long-lasting change to persevere in their struggle. Bolster their ranks and let their voices echo louder. Persist in their uprising to enjoin others to be aroused, organized and mobilized. Heighten their contribution to the societal change for women and the people, and join the revolutionary struggle.

As they wage the just revolution, they will be part of the historic movement that shall defeat the semicolonial and semifeudal society. They will be part of the annihilation of violence against women and the search for justice. In tireless struggle, they will gain realization of greater and braver things they can do more than their formal education and careers. The revolution is an even bigger education where they can harness their intellect, talents and skills even further. Here is where they are needed the most.

By taking up arms, they will be able to defend their rights and the rights of the oppressed. The decision is in the hands of these young women. They are part of the creation of, not just their future but of a new history, and the fulfillment of the long-awaited victory.

Young women, fight and create your future in the revolution!