Opposition to Ter­ror Law broadens


The Movement Against Tyranny and Concer­ned Law­yers for Civil Li­ber­ti­es protested in front of the Commission on Human Rights in Quezon City last July 11 to oppose the Anti-Terror Act.

The said groups are among those that filed the 10th petition at the Supreme Court demanding to junk the law.

On July 16, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines issued a pastoral letter expressing its “alarm” on the provisions of the law which allows warrantless arrests and detention. It noted that a number of Catholic priests and bishops are being accused of being “communists,” and thus “terrorists, for their advocacies.

Meanwhile, 45 US congressmen demanded the immediate junking of the law. They said that this will only be used by Duterte to further suppress the rights of ordinary Filipinos. The lawmakers submitted their letter to the Philippine Embassy on July 16.

Opposition to Ter­ror Law broadens