Inauguration of illegitimate president met with protest

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The inauguration of Ferdinand Marcos Jr as president was met with protests across the country. In Metro Manila, progressive groups assembled in Plaza Miranda, in Quiapo, where they expressed their rejection of the Marcos regime, its distortion of history, and called for justice for the victims of his father’s martial law regime. They also raised people’s demands for wage increases, lowering of prices of commodities and oil and others.

Simultaneously, relatives of victims of martial law and veteran activists gathered at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani (Monument of Heroes), Quezon City where they pledged to continue the struggle against Marcos’ revisionism and for the people’s betterment.

In Bicol, Anakbayan-Naga led the march from Panganiban Drive in Naga City to Plaza Oragon to reject Marcos. People from various districts of Camarines Sur also attended the program.

Similar programs were also held in Cebu, Negros and Panay where different organizations expressed repudiation of the Marcos II regime.

Overseas, the Never Forget Contingent led hundreds of protesters in Times Square, New York City. About 150 Filipino migrants in California also assembled to express their rejection of the new regime.

Inauguration of illegitimate president met with protest