NPA-Eastern Samar conducts military training


A platoon of the New People’s Army (NPA)-Eas­tern Sa­mar completed the Basic Politico-Military Course (BPMC) last October 2020 amid intense military operations in the region. Red fighters underwent a 12-day training in an area cover by the Re­too­led Com­mu­nity Sup­port Prog­ram (RCSP) operations of the mi­li­tary.

The training aimed to raise the military skills of the unit in preparation for worse attacks by the Duterte regime’s armed forces. Local mass organizations ensured the security in the area as well as other logistical requirements for the activity.

In a simple ceremony held after the training, trainees declared that the training has improved their confidence in warfare and in waging armed struggle against state fascism. After the training, the unit was immediately deployed to face the fascist troopers who were conducting RCSP operations in the area.

CAFGU troop surrenders firearms to NPA

An officer of the 46th IB was gunned down by a CAFGU element who could no longer bear his abuses in Ba­ra­ngay Bug­ho, Pi­na­bacdao, Sa­mar last September. Earlier, he refused to go on patrol in fear of being blasted by the NPA. He was mauled by his commander, prompting him to shoot the officer. He surrendered the R4 rifle and pistol issued to him by the military to the NPA and sought refuge with the people’s army. After two weeks, the 46th IB withdrew fully from the villages they occupied in Pe­la­on, Mag­da­wat and Ma­na­ing in the same town.

In Negros Oriental, a lieutenant and another soldier of the 11th IB were killed, while two others were wounded in an armed encounter with an NPA unit in Siaton town on December 24, 2020. Two Red fighters were also martyred during the gun battle.

NPA-Eastern Samar conducts military training