Peasant activist in Bohol killed in Bohol


State forces gunned down farmer Lo­renzo Paña in Ba­ra­ngay Do­rol, Ba­li­li­han, Bo­hol on December 30, 2020. Paña was a member and former officer of the Hug­pong sa Mag-uu­ma Da­pit sa Ka­sap­dan-Ki­lu­sang Mag­bu­bu­kid ng Pi­li­pi­nas. He has long been subjected to harassment by the state for being an activist. In 2018, the police illegally ransacked his home without a warrant in Ba­ra­ngay Ban­to­li­nao, Anteque­ra. The police also harassed his family.

Torture. Operating 62nd IB troopers tortured and mauled civilians Micha­el Cal­lao and Jimmy Bayog, residents of Sitio Agogolo, Barangay Macagahay, Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental. The victims were chanced upon and held by the soldiers at Sit­io Bo­ngao, Ba­ra­ngay Tri­ni­dad, Gui­hul­ngan City, Neg­ros Ori­en­tal on December 26, 2020.

Strafing. Three civilians were indiscriminately strafed by elements of the 78th IB at a house in Ba­ra­ngay Quezon, Ge­ne­ral MacArthur, Eas­tern Sa­mar on November 12, 2020. The victims were identified as Be­nan, 50, Bo­boy, 40, at Ryan Cadello, 22. They were accused by the military of involvement in the armed movement.

Militarization. Since December 25, 2020, around 90-120 soldiers of the 11th IB and 705th Po­lice Re­gio­nal Mo­bi­le Force Bat­ta­li­on laid siege 14 sitios in the barangays of Ta­yak, Na­pacao and Ca­sa­la­an in Sia­ton, Neg­ros Ori­en­tal. The troopers perpetrated ten cases of human rights violations including cases of killing, frustrated murder, robbery, destruction of properties, interrogation and intimidation.

Peasant activist in Bohol killed in Bohol