US military aid is prolonging the war in Ukraine

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The US and its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are intensifying and prolonging their proxy war against Russia by pouring in billions upon billions of dollars worth of weapons and military support to Ukraine. Emboldened by the military aid, the Ukrainian government has refused peace talks with Russia to negotiate ending the war.

Last May 10, the US congress approved a $40 billion package of military aid for its puppet Zelensky government in Ukraine. Overall, the Biden government has poured $54 billion to Ukraine since March. This is bigger by $6 billion than the total US military and economic aid across the world in 2019.

The new tranche will be used to buy drones, thousands upon thousands of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, grenade launchers, rifles, pistols and grenades. This will also go to purchasing millions of bullets and grenades, body armor and helmets. Most of these are produced by Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, as well as by the BAE system in UK.

The increasing amount of US and NATO military aid clearly exposes the proxy war in Ukraine against Russia. This is part of the shift of US policy: from declarations of “aiding Ukraine,” recent statements by US oficials now declare that their aid seeks to “destroy Russia’s military strength.”

The US collaborates with the United Kingdom in supporting Ukraine. They are work together to push other countries to provide Ukraine with military support. Germany has sent tanks in violation of its policy against sending weapons to war-torn areas.

The US has long instigated Russia using Ukraine. Since 2014, the US has allotted an annual $300 million worth of military aid to Ukraine to arm and train the Ukrainian armed forces, which include the fascist Azov Battalion.

US military aid is prolonging the war in Ukraine