NDF Negros denounces US State Department’s “terrorist” tag on the CPP and NPA


The National Democratic Front (NDF) – Negros finds the US State Department’s re-labelling of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New People’s Army (NPA), and other Bangsamoro groups as “foreign terrorist organizations” a clear-cut sign of US intervention in the Philippines’ national sovereignty preserving its interest in the Asia-Pacific region.

The CPP and NPA are targeted by the US because these are revolutionary organizations waging a just revolutionary war to emancipate the Filipino people from exploitation and oppression perpetrated by US imperialism and the local reactionary ruling classes of big compradors and landlords.

The July 6 re-inclusion of the CPP and NPA in the US-FTO list is a reaffirmation of imperialist control over the illegitimate Marcos II regime. It is an indication of the new puppet regime’s commitment to counterrevolution under the charge of the US military and the total abandonment of peace talks. Of course, it also comes with large-scale corruption through kickbacks especially from the AFP’s modernization program fattening the pockets of military generals and government officials.

In Negros, the US “terrorist”-listing means the escalation of brutal campaigns of suppression against the people largely in the countryside. Cases of human rights violations in the island are already very alarming. State-sponsored terror embolden landlords to further steal farm lands, impose depressed wages on sugar farm workers and force farmers to sell their products in very low prices. The recent plan of the 3rd ID to bomb the Northern Negros Natural Park (NNNP) preceded by cases of artillery shelling in North and Central Negros is in line with imperialist interests in these areas as Negros Island is very rich in natural resources and minerals.

NDF Negros calls on the Filipino people and the international community to denounce the US State Department’s “terrorist”-tagging. Negrosanons must unite against state terror and collectively resist the US-Marcos II regime as resumption of peace talks is near to impossible under a devoted puppet like Marcos Jr.###

NDF Negros denounces US State Department’s “terrorist” tag on the CPP and NPA