Resist the MAD alliance in all forms with a stronger united front

Barely a month since the oathtaking of the illegitimate US-Marcos II regime, its outset marks a regime worst than the combination of its fascist predecessors. For the past four weeks, Negros Island has witnessed the continuation of a worsening culture of impunity promoted by the legacies of Marcos Sr., Arroyo, and Duterte (MAD) under Marcos Jr.

In Negros alone, since the beginning of July, 303rd Brigade troops have committed grave atrocities that are covered up by fake encounters and planted evidences:
(1) three cases of murder, involving four civilians (including one minor) and four hors de combats in Guihulngan City and Canlaon City, Negros Oriental and in Binalbagan, Negros Occidental;
(2) two cases of illegal arrests in Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental and Calatrava, Negros Occidental;
(3) the Philippine Army’s plan to bomb the North Negros Natural Park in Calatrava;
(4) the abduction of a farmer couple in Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental; and
(5) the assault of families and attempted kidnapping of children of alleged NPA fighters.

These tactics are reminiscent of the Martial Law era with a dangerous mix of Arroyo and Duterte’s brand of state fascism. The MAD amalgamation spells nothing but the worst kind of state terrorism. Through extreme McCarthyism that result to direct violations of the Comprehensive Agreement of Respect of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), Negrosanons have been victims of bloodbaths. Recent attacks reveal that Oplan Sauron type of attacks are happening once again in the entire island, with the regime reinforcing through consistent yet fictitious narratives of gun battles, deaths of high ranking NPA members and child warriors, confiscation of high caliber firearms and subversive materials, and, most dubious of all, support and cooperation of the masses.

The aforementioned human rights violations are a dangerous precedent of the new regime’s capabilities of utilizing its mercenary troops to further its selfish interests. The restless MAD alliance is making use of its vast and ill-gotten resources to systemically spread disinformation, revise history, and intensify militarization in the midst of a worsening socioeconomic crisis. With no utter respect for civilians and the defenseless, even to the point of openly and shamelessly attacking innocent children, the AFP and PNP are emboldened by Marcos to commit numerous atrocities with little to no repercussions at all through the NTF-Elcac.

Marcos kept mum regarding peace talks in his SONA which exposes his duplicitous campaign slogan for ‘unity’ as a mere consolidation of the class interest of oppressors and exploiters. The NTF-ELcac’s repeated promotion of the already debunked ‘localized peace talks’ are but a source of corruption and opportunism. Marcos does not desire genuine peace because he and his sycophants gain so much more from waging war against the oppressed masses.

Just a month after Marcos Jr took his oath as head of the neocolonial state, the masses are already pushed into a corner. Fancy words and empty promises cannot mask the hunger and violence that confront them every day. Their organized oppression begets organized resistance.

With this, NDF-Negros calls on human rights defenders, church people, the free press, lawyers, environmentalists, patriotic politicians, concerned individuals and organizations, and all sectors of society and the international community to resist the MAD alliance in all forms with a stronger united front. The crimes of this regime must be investigated, exposed and condemned. The Negrosanons will not allow another tyrant to rule for the next six years or so. There is no other option in these dire times but to fight back. ###

Resist the MAD alliance in all forms with a stronger united front