Rise up in greater numbers against unabated oil price increases

National Democratic Front-Negros (NDF-Negros) calls on all Negrosanons to take to the streets in greater numbers and launch bigger militant mass actions to condemn the insatiable-for-profits oil companies, in connivance with the Duterte regime, for imposing a series of exorbitant price increases in petroleum products adding another burden to the suffering of Filipino people.

Since January, 10th consecutive increases in oil prices were implemented bringing up the prices of diesel and gasoline by ₱15 to ₱17 per liter. As per projections, diesel seen to increase by ₱12 per liter and gasoline by ₱7 per liter next week. This will mark the 11th straight week of fuel price increases.

Massive protests in city and town centers of the island participated by thousands of Negrosanons must be launched to amplify their outcry against these onerous profiteering by oil cartels and monopolies.

Transport holiday must be complemented by other forms of people’s protests. The issue of oil price hike does not only affect the transport sector but the broad section of our society including even big sugar planters and traders.

Ephemeral inconveniences and difficulties in mounting protests are miniscule compare to the burden of unabated oil price increases and its consequential effects on the cost of food, prime commodities and basic services among others.

There are myriad of forms and ways to protest and the various social media platforms are important tools of protests and shaping public opinion. But in the end, the waves upon waves of Negrosanons in their thousands taking to the streets are the most crucial factor.

As an immediate relief measure, roll back in petroleum prices to 2021 levels must be demanded. The repeal of the oil deregulation law and taxes on oil such as excise tax and value-added tax, and the nationalization of the oil industry must be pushed vigorously.

While, other urgent demands for jeepney and tricycle fare increases, immediate wage and salary increases, commodity price controls, substantial economic aid must also be raised.

Using the on-going conflict in Ukraine as justification to hike up prices of their old stock oil inventories must be rejected. Such rubbish alibi is negated by the fact they buy from refiners abroad with giant reserves and unaffacted by fluctuations of prices.

Duterte must be denounced for corruption, military overspending, anomalous infrastructure projects and onerous taxes. We must frustrate his scheme to perpetuate himself in power.

Rise up Negrosanons! Maghimakas indi mahadlok! ###

Rise up in greater numbers against unabated oil price increases