Vigorously and Fiercely Face the Challenges of Serving the People!

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Roselyn Jean Pelle Command – Northern Negros Guerilla Front of the New People’s (RJPC-NPA) celebrates the 53rd anniversary of the reestablishment of Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) with great determination of advancing the people’s war and positive outlook of achieving complete victory.

The Red commanders and fighters of RJPC-NPA, together with all the revolutionary forces of Northern Negros, salute the revolutionaries who were martyred in the process of advancing the people’s war, namely Ka Dandan, Ka Masing, Ka Ella, Ka Pabling, Ka Monet, Ka Simo, Ka Huawei and Ka Brod and other revolutionary martyrs and to the masses who were victims of the tyrannical and fascist rule of US-Duterte regime.

This year, the people of Northern Negros continuously suffers from the extra-ordinary crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic worsened with the unceasing attacks of Escalante-based National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC), 79th Infantry Battalion-Philippine Army (IBPA), Philippine National Police (PNP) and their para-military through threats, psychological warfare, deception, abductions and killings.

Since COVID-19 pandemic crisis erupted, the reactionary government limited the people’s mobility through quarantine restrictions and checkpoints which degraded the livelihood of the people.

Farmers are greatly affected who cannot go to the markets and sell their produce. Now that the restrictions have been relatively relaxed, their movements are still limited by requiring them to get vaccinated before they can travel and sell.

The workers are striving to get back to their jobs and livelihood, but were burdened by the vaccination requirement before they can earn.

There is an increasing number of unenrolled students or dropouts due to unprepared and unsuitable module-based schooling. Except that students were made to help in their family’s livelihood, internet signal in the mountainous areas is erratic or buying of load is difficult, the reasons that students are not learning.

Farmers and sugar farm workers are constantly facing unsecure lives and livelihood and perpetual fear by enemy attacks. There are still cases of killings, abductions, pressure, psychological warfare and community encampment perpetrated by state elements. Their fear escalates as news of air strikes by drones, airplanes and helicopters done by Armed Forces of the Philippines in communities in other provinces.

In these trying times, the masses look for their army to help and guide them.
RJPC-NPA, with the absolute leadership of CPP and with the guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, responds to the challenges of time to better serve the people.

This year, RJPC-NPA leads in COVID-19 Information Campaign with programs of communal farms for vegetables and root crops or communal fishponds and system of community relief to help in masses’ economic lives. Treatment, medical training among the masses, and herbal medicine are also conducted to cure COVID-19 symptoms and other diseases. Mass meetings are called to answer their queries on vaccination against COVID-19. To help students in their in module-based learning, Red fighters act as teachers on the conduct of face-to-face classes in their communities. Mass campaign and mobilization are also launched by RJPC-NPA to repair the houses ruined by Typhoon Odette, including replanting or rehabilitating farm devastated by the calamity.

Aside from those, the masses celebrated the military actions, both attritive and punitive, effectively carried out by RJPC-NPA. A quarry operation in Silay City was successfully sanctioned due to great environmental damage. Enemy connections were destroyed through neutralization or punishment of intelligence officers and assets of 79th IBPA, PNP and SAF secretly placed in the communities. The people lauded RJPC-NPA for upholding revolutionary justice, especially carrying out death penalty to rapists in the area.

All of these are efficiently realized by the NPA and the masses, with the guidance of the CPP.

However, the people, especially from Northern Negros, cannot deny the destruction brought by reactionary armed forces to their cherished people’s army, the NPA. One cannot forget the killings of hors de combat Red fighters and Party cadres perpetrated by blood-thirsty uniformed elements, same as the 79th IBPA killing of Ka Ella on August 20 in Silay City where she was alive but wounded when captured, and the comrades who were asleep and sick when 79th IBPA and 64th SAF raided and killed Ka Monet, Ka Simo, Ka Huawei and Ka Brod on September 30 in Manapla.

In contrast with enemy’s aim, Red commanders and fighters of RJPC-NPA are now more courageous and determined to heighten the war by developing the skills and continually learn from the masses to better serve the people. The lives of the revolutionary martyrs become an inspiration, especially the death of defenseless comrades.

In the new year of CPP’s leadership of the Philippine revolution, Red commanders and fighters under RJPC-NPA and all revolutionary forces of Northern Negros, will fiercely face all obstacles, overcome weaknesses, learn from shortcomings’ lessons, continue fight for the welfare of the masses and will carry forward the people’s war until we achieve complete victory!

Long live the 53rd anniversary of CPP!
Long live the oppressed masses!



Vigorously and Fiercely Face the Challenges of Serving the People!