A week before Duterte term ends, NPA mounts offensives in Sultan Kudarat

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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today lauded the New People’s Army (NPA) for its actions defending the Lumad and Moro communities against the landgrabbers, and the fascist onslaught and combat operations of units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in Palimbang town, Sultan Kudarat province.

The local NPA unit mounted three consecutive armed offensives from June 15 to 20 against marauding units of the AFP in barangays Balwan and Molon.

“The latest series of armed actions mounted by the NPA in Sultan Kudarat speaks volumes against the US-Duterte regime’s target of “defeating”—later downgraded to “weakening—the people’s army,” said CPP Chief Information Officer Marco Valbuena.

The NPA first attacked an operating unit of the 7th IB in Sitio Kilbog, Balwan last June 15, neutralizing two soldiers. Three days later, an NPA unit attacked the 37th IB in Barangay Molon, followed later with another harassment operation against the 38th IB in the same area. Seven soldiers were killed in both armed actions.

The 38th IB serves as private guards of the D.M. Consunji Inc. which is notorious for large-scale logging in areas of local Lumad and peasants communities. The NPA unit in Sultan Kudarat has launched severa actions since May against the DMCI.

“The people’s army is determined to defend the masses of peasants and minority peoples against the agression of mining and logging operations in Sultan Kudarat, which are being ushered in and defended by units of the AFP,” Valbuena said.

“The NPA’s tactical offensives in Sultan Kudarat are testament to the gross failure of Duterte’s counterinsurgency war,” said Valbuena.

Meanwhile, the NPA-Sultan Kudarat belied military claims that a Red fighter of the NPA was killed in the series of armed offensives and that one “surrendered” to the military.

The local unit further reported that the AFP dropped bombs and shelled several times the area where the NPA attacked. It also used its attack helicopters to strafe the vicinity.

Last June 18, a misencounter between the AFP’s own forces erupted which reportedly resulting in 30 casualties which local residents saw being brought out by the AFP from the area.

With the upcoming inauguration of the illegitimate Marcos II regime, Valbuena pointed out: “The incoming regime will surely be met with greater armed resistance by the Filipino people and their army, the NPA, as the reactionary state continues to intensify the suppression and pacification of the people in order to pave the way for expanding mining, logging and plunderous activities.” (CPP Information Bureau)

AB: A week before Duterte term ends, NPA mounts offensives in Sultan Kudarat