Revolutionary movement will fight and outlast Marcos Jr, CPP says

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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) yesterday blasted Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s inauguration and ascension as chief of the reactionary government and declared that the New People’s Army (NPA) and the entire revolutionary movement are ready to face his illegitimate regime and will certainly outlast him.

After having frustrated Rodrido Duterte and the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP) declared aim of crushing the Party and the armed revolution, the CPP is now ready to face the relentless attacks and intensified fascist offensives of the AFP under the Marcos II regime, it said in a statement issued yesterday.

CPP Chief Information Officer Marco Valbuena said that the Party has tasked all commands and units of the NPA to assess and take stock of their strength and the enemy’s situation in order to fight the illegitimate regime head on.

“They must strive to maintain constant initiative by ensuring a sufficiently wide area of operation for shifting, concentration and dispersal, high level of military discipline, quick guerrilla movements to avoid and evade enemy encirclement, maintaining a balance between expansion and consolidation and between building horizontal and vertical forces,” CPP said.

The CPP pointed out that the NPA must strive to gain more points of initiative for mounting timely and tactical offensives with one hundred percent certain victory.

Based on published news reports and statements, there have been more than 80 armed incidents involving NPA units and military, police, and paramilitary forces and agents since the start of the year. Majority of these were on the initiative of NPA units. At least 61 enemy forces and agents were killed in these incidents, while the NPA suffered 18 casualties.

The CPP said that the forces of the armed revolution stand on a moral highground, especially under the illegitimate regime of Marcos Jr and heightening restrictions and continuing attacks against people’s democratic rights. “The brutal fascist attacks of Marcos’ military and police forces against the peasant masses are rousing them to fight back and wage armed resistance,” it added.

“With full determination, the Party and the NPA are certain to accumulate even greater strength in the coming years under the Marcos II regime in order to defend the Filipino people and advance their national democratic cause,” the CPP concluded. (CPP Information Bureau)

AB: Revolutionary movement will fight and outlast Marcos Jr, CPP says